Buying a domain name is a very exciting move for any kind of business. If you have never purchased a domain name before, it is important to understand that there is more than just selecting a good domain name for your business. As much as many companies sell domain names, they are not the same. When you are buying your domain name, there are many important things that you must watch out for. Here are some of them

Check if there are hidden fees

The first important thing to do with domain buying online is to check whether there are any hidden fees. Price is always a major determinant when it comes to making purchase decisions. Some companies will advertise themselves as being the best and offering lower prices even when it is not true. You should avoid domain name companies with hidden fees at all costs. Many of them will add hidden costs, they will force you to pay for RDAP, and WHOIS listing, extra add-ons, and transfer fees charges among other charges. Instead of just settling for a company because of what they are advertising, you better request to know all costs. 

Privacy protection

Before you buy a domain name, it would also be very important to protect your privacy. This is important considering that domain names are always recorded in RDAP and WHOIS addresses which are always very public. If you value your business so much, you should take the initiative of protecting it. Information that is not private can easily be mined by scammers and spammers. Therefore, you must dedicate yourself to finding a domain name registrar who offers privacy protection. You should also know that there are domain name registrars who charge an extra amount of money for privacy protection. 

Data protection

You should be very careful with your choices when it comes to settling for a registrar. Apart from just failing to protect your data from public records, some registrars sell their customer’s data for their interest. There are many instances where companies’ and people’s data has been sold to marketing agencies and advertising organizations. Some registrars can go to the extent of mining the RDAP database to send false renewal messages. It would be very important to settle for a registrar who will never sell or use your personal information for selfish reasons or personal gains. 

Prioritize transparency

Another important thing to watch out for when you are buying a domain name is transparency. You should not only look for transparency in pricing but also in practices. The best registrar should make it easy for you to know your domain renewal rates. It should also be simple to Know more about the processes required for canceling or transferring your domain name. Be aware of registrars who will charge you cheaply to register your domain name but overprice your renewal. Some may make it very difficult for you to cancel your order or even transfer. Therefore, the pricing, terms, and conditions should be clear before you settle for a registrar.