5G is gaining momentum around the world and is expected to contribute up to 1% of global GDP, or $1.3 trillion in revenue by 2030.

There are 10 million active 5G-enabled devices in India despite the unavailability of 5G services in the country. This could be beneficial for telecom operators, as once the services launch later this year, these device owners could be potential 5G subscribers. Shipments of 5G smartphones are gradually increasing and most of the new devices launched are 5G capable, according to a report from Nokia.

According to Nokia, the introduction of 5G in India will be driven by consumers and business companies. Despite its launch, 4G is expected to remain dominant for years to come. Nokia’s annual Mobile Broadband Index (MBiT) report states that the growing ecosystem of 4G-enabled devices is driving 4G subscriber growth and data usage.

India registered the highest-ever shipment of more than 160 million smartphones, including 30 million 5G devices in 2021. Data traffic increased by 31% in 2021, with an average mobile data usage of 17 GB per user per month, and 4G comprising 99% of the total data traffic. Over the year, 40 million 4G subscribers were added.

According to Nokia, India has more than doubled its mobile broadband subscribers from 345 million to 765 million in the past five years.

In the future, the growth of mobile data traffic will be fueled by 5G. The commercial rollout of 5G services is expected later this year, starting with metro cities and places where trials are currently underway. The government is preparing to hold the spectrum auction in a few months. According to the report, India’s 5G mobile service revenue is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 164% between 2022 and 2026. 5G mobile services are expected to generate $9.0 billion, which is equivalent to 37 percent. .7% of total revenue from mobile services. in India by 2026.

The use cases for 5G in the country include environmental monitoring such as flood detection, power management. It can boost digitization by strengthening the remote workforce and can be widely used for the Internet of Things (IoT).

5G is gaining momentum around the world and is expected to contribute up to 1% of global GDP, or $1.3 trillion in revenue by 2030, powered by multiple sectors of healthcare, utilities, next-gen media applications, manufacturing and smart cities. Also, by 2026, global 5G mobile subscriptions will reach 4.1 billion, equivalent to 37.1% of total mobile subscriptions.

“4G has played a vital role in developing India’s mobile broadband ecosystem. Now, the upcoming 5G spectrum auction and commercial launch of services later this year will help India bridge the digital divide and enable service providers to deliver new and exciting use cases,” said Sanjay Malik, SVP and Head of Nokia India.

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