By opting for international travel insurance, travelers can enjoy their travels without any hassles or interruptions.

Traveling abroad may soon become a reality again. The government has decided to resume scheduled commercial international passenger services to and from India from March 27, 2022. The opening of the sky comes amid pandemic fears that still persist in several countries and the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Visiting countries in the European Union can easily be avoided unless there is an emergency. The latest data from ForwardKeys, a company that provides travel trends and insights to tourism organizations, hotels and retailers, reveals that the Russian invasion of Ukraine caused an immediate delay in booking flights to Europe and within Russia domestically.

Whether it’s a family trip or a business visit, having comprehensive travel insurance can provide a certain level of protection if needed. The need for travel insurance is increasing, provided the insurers do not change the terms, taking into account the current uncertain environment. “Most of the travel insurance products available today are very comprehensive and insurers have kept the same product offering,” said Subramanyam Brahmajosyula, Head – Underwriting & Reinsurance, SBI General Insurance.

“Now more than ever, travelers need to protect themselves against unforeseen circumstances. By opting for international travel insurance, travelers can enjoy their travels without hassle or interruptions, and it offers several benefits, including coverage against financial losses due to costs due to hospitalization while traveling, loss of luggage, flight delays or cancellations. , etc.” adds Brahmajosyula.

Travel insurance on international trips covers several common areas. According to Brahmajosyula, here are some of the basic coverages that most travel coverage offers.

Hospital cover for illness/accident Some cover for travel inconveniences such as travel interruption, travel cancellation and travel extension due to illness, injury or death in the family leading to financial loss. Cover for loss or theft of your luggage and passport. Emergency evacuation costs, resulting from a natural disaster or terrorist activity, including the return flight home, are covered. The policy covers personal liability caused by negligence resulting in loss or damage to property or injury to a person who is not a member of your family or traveling party

Depending on the need, one can buy an improved version of travel insurance with a higher coverage. As for Covid-19-related hospitalizations, most travel insurance policies cover them. The most important thing when buying travel insurance is to look closely at the list of exclusions and the circumstances under which the claim cannot be accepted. Knowing them in advance can help you make the right buying decision.

This post International flights will be fully operational soon! This is why you should choose travel insurance before flying abroad

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