As India prepares to celebrate the festival of colors with some kind of revenge after two years of pandemic, top Indian photographers said on Thursday that the computational photography tools on new iPhone 13 devices help them capture more natural-looking and vibrant images.

According to Rohit Vohra, a leading street and travel photographer, educator and co-founder of APF Magazine, using an iPhone 13 Pro Max to capture Holi was intuitive, durable and versatile, with a great Pro triple camera system.

“It’s durable and the cameras capture light like no other device. And when you add the Cinematic Mode, it makes a big difference when it comes to videos,” he told IANS.

Now the iPhone can shoot with shallow depth of field and automatically add elegant focus transitions between subjects.

Movie mode can also anticipate when a prominent new subject is about to come into view and frame them when they do, for much more creative storytelling.

You have the option to change the focus or adjust the bokeh level even after you shoot.

Vohra said when shooting on the street, especially in conditions like Holi, he needs to be sure of the camera being used and survive in real life situations.
“After using iPhone 13 Pro heavily, I don’t have to worry about water and color being thrown at me. I just think about where to stand and when to press the shutter button,” he noted. on.

With its redesigned lens and powerful autofocus system, the new ultra-wide-angle camera can focus from just 2 centimeters – making even the smallest details look stunning.

ProRes’ high color fidelity and low compression means you can record, edit and broadcast content on the go.

Smart HDR 4 optimizes every part of the scene.

Smart HDR 4 leverages the machine learning power of the Neural Engine and now makes unique adjustments for multiple people in a scene.

For mid- to low-light shooting, Deep Fusion uses the Neural Engine to perform pixel-by-pixel analysis of different exposures and fuse the best parts into your final image.

“iPhone camera is very intuitive and works really well as a point and shoot when you want it. If you want creative control you can take the scene to your taste and capture it,” said Vohra, who is on the jury of some of the major international photography awards, including IPA, PX3, SIPA, MIFA, Tokyo International Photo Awards and Photography Grant.

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