If you are in love with Japan for its autumn beauty, then wait till you go for the spring time! The japan spring is a noteworthy time of the year when you will be mesmerized with the beauty of the place right in front of you. You won’t be able to believe your own eyes when you open the hotel curtains early in the morning and see the beauty or view right in the front. The beauty of pink and white is everywhere and it will make you feel like staying there forever! It is one perfect time for the romantic couples to visit during their honeymoon beauty.

Which is the spring time in Japan?

Before you proceed further and get a ticket for the flight, make sure to learn about the months. Spring is mainly from March to May in Japan, so be sure to get your flight ticket during that time. However, you have to be very fast and book for the tickets before. More and more people pan to visit Japan during this time so the flights remain always full. Hokkaido, which is situated in north of Japan will welcome the full blossoms in May month. Spring is mostly stated to be a mild season, perfect for various leisurely activities.

What is spring like in Japan?

April will mainly see the average highs of around 19 degree C. Daytime temperature might often exceed 20 degrees C, which will make Kansai one pleasant place to be while your trip in Japan. However, on the other hand, you might experience some rainy and windy days, which are mostly prevalent during the months of March and April. So, be prepared to take your umbrella with you while you are visiting this spot in Japan during spring time for sure.