Nothing is as simple as appearing to you. Whatever field you are talking about, they contain several rules and regulations. These rules are made for people so that the work can be done smoothly and straightforwardly. Otherwise, when there are many people involved in a field, there are chances for people to get in trouble. The cards are beneficial for people as it helps them make the transaction of money and make their purchasing simple. The Joker blue card is one of the most famous cards used by the people of Canada at the time of purchasing.

But there are many limitations for this card with benefits as it is only applicable whenever you purchase online. You cannot add money according to your wish as there are certain limits that people need to follow before adding money to the card. If you want a joker blue card for purchasing purposes, Then you have to purchase it. The can’t consist of various information on it like expiry date, card number, and CVV2. Once your activation and registration are done, this information will help you with purchasing purposes.

Restrictions on the joker blue card are listed below-

  1. The Joker blue card is used only for online purposes. This means that you cannot use the car by visiting some stores where you want to purchase goods.
  2. The option which you can opt which will help you for the delivery purpose is email. That is, the joker blue card involve email for delivering purpose rather than your mobile number.
  3. It is essential to know for the customer that it requires 48 hours to deliver your order at the time of purchasing. At first, they used to review that there is nothing wrong with your card and take care of everything related to security.
  4. You cannot buy a joker blue card as much as you want as there are restrictions on buying the number of cards. So make sure you are not breaking the rule when buying a card because it may lead you to trouble.
  5. When you are moving to purchase the joker blue card, you have the limit to add the payment to the card. This means that the minimum value you can add is $25, and the maximum amount you can add is $500.
  6. Once you add money when buying the card, you cannot reload it according to your wish. So make sure whenever you are purchasing the card, add money accordingly.
  7. The joker blue card is not used for the withdrawal purpose of money, and also it cannot be used by the person at ATMs. Also, It is not insured by the CDIC.

The cards are of various types, and they all follow different rules and regulations. People have different varieties of cards that offer them several types of deals. Like the joker blue card is known as the master card and consists of many essential factors which are helpful to people. Also, there are certain restrictions, so it is essential to know before buying the card.


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