All the Minecraft fans in the house, hear us out! We very well know the importance of Minecraft and Immortal Minecraft servers in your gaming life. If you want to experience a server for Minecraft that will never end, then the immortal server is the best pick for you. Also, if you are looking for good survival servers for Minecraft, then stay tuned till the end.

What Are The Best Minecraft Survival Servers?

  1. Hypixel.

Since we want to recommend you only the best survival servers for Minecraft, we have kept Hypixel on the top of the list. It is one if the most popular and well-known servers for Minecraft. Since its release in 2013, Hypixel has gained the recognition for the largest Minecraft survival server out there.

This server offe5s many original games. Along with that, Mega Walla and Blitz survival are also the games available in this server. This server never fails to impress us by the huge amount of mini games it offers.

  • Mineplex.

In the discussion of immortal Minecraft and survival servers, we have to mention the most popular server that is Mineplex. This server enables the users to access a huge variety of different games to explore. Trust us, the variety they provide will keep you wondering which game to play next.

Gamers on this server can also have a battle with other players. This server offers Minekart which is the recreation of the popular game Mario Kart by the Mineplex server. This server is surely a colossal hit in the world of immortal Minecraft and its growth will keep increasing every year with  better add ons every time.

  • The Mining Dead.

If you want to experience a survival server unlike the standard and classic ones, then The Mining Dead is surely the server that you will love. This server is primarily inspired by the poplar TV series The Walking Dead. So as the name suggest the mining dead, all you have to do in the server us to survive in an apocalypse setting.

In this server, you must wander around the city. Collect different kinds of resources that would help you keep the zombies off you. In the beginning though, you will have to start the journey by an empty inventory. And as you explore the apocalypse setting and everything it has to offer, you must fill your inventory to make sure you survive in the server.

Thus, this was the list of the best Minecraft survival servers that we recommend you to use right away. Since survival servers are so good, immortal SMP should also be given a try! Trust us, you will fall in love with immortal SMP once you start using it.

In The Light Of This Information 

Survival servers are one of the best parts of playing Minecraft. That’s why we highly suggest you to check out all the above mentioned ones and enjoy playing the video game even more.