Winning a lottery is everyone’s fantasy. Applying for the lottery is a risky task, but if you win it then your life is sorted. There are so many tips and tricks that are suggested to increase the probability of winning the lottery. When you apply for a lottery, you get a date when the winners will be announced. There were days when the lottery was announced in the newspaper. But in the digital world, there are so many different ways to check the lottery. 

You might have heard the term ตรวจหวย many times. But what does that mean? Check Lottery is an online government lottery system in Thailand. It is a public concern as it improves the state revenue.

  • Introduction:

ตรวจหวย is played for a long time in Thailand. It is mostly observed that women play the lottery slightly more than men in Thailand. It is usually observed in young adults. In the past, the lottery vendors used to buy lottery tickets, and then common people used to buy them from them.

  • Where can we get the ตรวจหวย?

Check Lottery has its own website where you can check your lottery online. is the site where you will be able to find your government lottery. The website has 3 pages-

  1. Check Lottery
  2. Lottery News
  3. Contact Us

  • Check Lottery: 

This page has all the options to choose and check the lottery. It also has detailed information about the lottery system. It displays the latest lottery in colorful icons. 

  • Lottery News

This page has all the news related to lottery winners in Thailand. 

  • Contact us:

Here they have provided the ways to contact them.

Their email ID is

Their LINE ID is Benjie.8

  • Benefits Of The Check Lottery: 

ตรวจหวยis an easy way to check the lottery. The site is organized such that you will be able to check your lottery within a minute. There are options to check the history of the lottery back till 5 years. The site also gives a piece of information about the jackpot system. 

  • Government Lottery: 

There are two types of lotteries in Thailand. One is Government Lottery which is controlled by Government Lottery Office. They have got royal permission to run a lottery system in the country. There is also another kind of lottery. But Government Lottery is always preferred.

The prizes that are won are official and are announced at the site of ตรวจหวย. The winners are announced as a first, second, third, fourth, fifth, special prize, match 3 digits, match 2 digits, first prize bonus. The prize money is quite remarkable and can give you so much joy. One must try out their luck in lottery and check it on ตรวจหวย. There is no reason to be afraid.

The site gives the details which consist of lottery date, lottery number, and prize won. You can try with a small one and then move on to the bigger one.  So, you don’t have time to waste. Let us start and dive into the world of lottery.  We wish you all the best.


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