Sex chatting is what it is: you do sexual activities through the chat feature, whether in a neutral platform or a specific platform designed for hook-ups and sexual flings. There is cybersex, computer sex, and chat sex. The third is what this article will talk about how exactly you can navigate through sexy conversations and carry out your sexual activities online.

Whether you are a beginner to this activity or a veteran looking for the newest trends on apps because the magic is not working anymore, you have to read this article. It is generally hard to interact with people online and through messaging only. For one, you do not know what they are feeling, which can send you mixed signals. Second, most people who go for sex chats do not want to show their faces or do video calls, so you have to use a broad sexual vocabulary.

  • Get yourself on an app or website with people who have the same interest.

Look, if you are going to do this plainly, you want to minus the stress with dealing with people who might now want it at the moment. there are an abundant number of apps and websites that allows you to sex chat by connecting you with a random stranger available at that moment too.

  • Do not say everything out plainly.

Be open to sex itself but when you are engaging, be subtler with your intentions. Both of you want to hit it off, but many people get thrown off by the fact that someone too openly says what they want and when they want it, which puts unnecessary pressure to the person, therefore covering the intimacy both of you are working on in your chats.

Feel free to use emojis, because any studies say that emojis are also messages encrypted in visual images of emoticons. Especially in sex chatting, the use of emojis can not only spice up what you guys are having in bed.

But also add creativity to the engagement you guys are having for each other. You will surely find some representative emoji to get your real message across the other person

  • If your chat mate allows, it add pictures on the table.

Only and only if they consent should you try to add in pictures. The reason for this has to do with showing a new level for the conversation. The most commonly sent pictures are sexual nudes, but it does not have to start with that. Many people start out with memes about being sexual or horny, but for the most part they can always just level up the conversation to the sending of nudes.

  • Be playful, but follow the rules correctly.

You still want to be safe the whole time you are going to be in the website or app, so avoid doing anything wrong in the app when you are by yourself only, and especially when you are talking with someone else. Some apps do not like nudes in chats.