As part of the sponsorship, the Lucknow Super Giants will wear the brand logo on the sleeves of the shirt

The latest Indian Premier League (IPL) entrant Lucknow Super Giants has partnered with fintech platform for education loans for the upcoming tournament. Under the partnership, will be represented as the associate sponsor of the team. In addition, the Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) team will carry the brand’s logo on the sleeves of the shirt. “Sponsoring the Lucknow team is special because it is my hometown. Cricket is India’s most popular sport and also has a huge fan base in Lucknow. It’s the shared appetite for excellence and proving your potential despite being a newcomer that brings us together,” said Mayank Batheja, co-founder of

According to Avinash Kumar, co-founder of, there has always been a strong correlation between education and cricket, both are skills that teach one life lesson. “The sport teaches you to embrace your academic mistakes as lessons and to keep practicing in life,” he said.

For Raghu Iyer, CEO, Lucknow Super Giants, the association helps the franchise connect and connect with the student community. “We appreciate’s confidence in our fledgling franchise and are confident that this will be a mutually beneficial partnership for both brands,” he added.

According to the company, is a startup where education and financial technologies come together. It believes that in addition to academic understanding of subjects, every student should have an experience outside the classroom in order to excel in life. Sport teaches us discipline and for sport and education go hand in hand. “The company’s fundamental belief is to provide access to funding for education. The most sustainable way to encourage people to improve their skills is to invest in education to increase their employability,” the company said.

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