We all want to look good, always. Not only when we go out for a date or for a party. We want to look good on every occasion and at every point of our day. Our dress-up plays a huge and significant role in our appearance. It gives us confidence and charm, staying in check with fashion is an important part of looking good and presentable. Men’s cargo pants have been in the fashion scene again in recent years. As all the youngsters have started adopting the techwear and streetwear fashion in which cargo is a key ingredient.

Some History:

In the 1930s, Men’s Cargo Pants were made for the use of the military. Cargo pants were made as extremely durable and resilient pants which could withstand a forest and river atmosphere. It came with multiple pockets so that the military could hold their weapons and stuff in them. Inspired by this cool macho feeling, cargo pants started becoming common in the streetwear fashion scene as a symbol of being “tough” and cool. However, over the years cargo pants have gone through various changes and now they exist in multiple forms. Let’s have a look at different types of men’s cargo pants.

Types Of Cargo Pants:

  1. Slim Fit: When talking about cargo pants, we immediately imagine them as big and baggy pants. But, things have changed now and so have cargo pants. Cargo pants now come in a variation for the skinny guys out there who can totally rock these slim-fit cargo pants and hype up their appearance.
  2. Jogger Cargos: These are a perfect dynamic of comfortable and sporty joggers with the durability of the tough cargo. These pants retain the chill and cool look of joggers while being very durable and fashionable.
  3. Shorts: When it comes to summers, pants can be a little too much. You can put on a pair of cargo shorts and hit the streets while looking tough and strong in the summer heat and being the most fashionable guy on the road.

Avoid These Mistakes While Wearing Men’s Cargo Pants:

  1. Pocket Overdose: It is known that pockets are a part of cargo pants’ uniqueness, but putting on a lot of pockets on the pants just reduces the overall appearance of the cargo and gives a bland look. It is way out of style.
  2. Clothes Mismatch: Cargo pants are meant for giving the person a tough look, which means you can not put on a floral pattern shirt and wear cargo pants below it. They just do not complement each other and make you look way out of style. Wear cargo pants with hoodies, pullovers, or polo shirts that give you a tough and strong look.
  3. Too much military: We know that cargo originated from the military, but the scene has changed now. Wearing cargo pants with that khaki pattern has become a big NO in the fashion industry today. It is outdated. Explore new designs for the cargo pants instead of sticking with the old ones.

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