Remote working technology provider LogMeIn recently rebranded as GoTo to further simplify and streamline its product portfolio. The announcement goes “way beyond a new name and logo,” with the Boston-based company launching two new flagship products, its IT management and support tool called GoTo Resolve, and unified-communications-as-a-service (UCaaS). experience called Go to Connect. Both are united by a single application. In addition, a partner program – GoTo Partner Network – will also be launched to strengthen partner ecosystems. The idea is to make “GoTo” technologies more accessible to business customers.

In a freewheeling conversation with Saurabh Singh of Financial Express Online, GoTo India senior director and country head for sales, Mathew Philip, takes our readers through the details of the announcement, a quick look at the products and plans for the future. extracts.

— What is the idea behind the rebranding?

GoTo’s substantial growth and extensive market leadership guide its pursuit of new business prospects. Armed with world-class remote support and Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) products, our solutions have succeeded in redefining the entire segment. Numerous Indian big league enterprises and global systems integrators like Tata, Wipro, Infosys, etc. use GoTo solutions to serve their enterprise customers and clock growth across the ecosystem. We are committed to orchestrating continued growth at every business crossroads as we strive to claim the title of India’s most beloved and affordable partner for remote work solutions for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

With our new brand and new products, we are doubling our commitment to support SMEs. During the pandemic, we saw more and more professionals sneaking into virtual meetings, conferences and webinars to maintain business continuity. As we look ahead, we know that a full return to the office isn’t something employees want, and we want to make it as easy as possible for IT teams to empower their employees to collaborate and support their teams wherever they work .

— How relevant is your product from a purely Indian context?

Currently, the SMB base in India stands at a staggering 75 million, and this number is expected to grow to 105 million in the next five years, with digitalization playing a key role in this growth. While digitization is emerging across most industries, more than 30% of the 75 million SMEs currently operating in India remain unaffected or barely touched by digital. Most of these SMEs are in traditional segments such as manufacturing, retail, NGOs, etc. While many of these segments are witnessing certain forms of digitization, they are far from digital-native SMEs. This is clearly a huge opportunity for tech companies like ours to help the rest navigate their way to digital.

The unified and simplified GoTo portfolio is ideally suited to the way SMBs across India and the world pool their operations. Our solutions can help companies streamline their processes in the new normal, while enhancing and positioning their portfolio better with organizations by modernizing their communication, collaboration and IT solutions.

— What kind of R&D has been behind the development of the product?

GoTo has invested significantly in designing technology based on extensive research and development in India. Our products are created to provide any emerging group of partner companies with new and exciting ways to attract customers and increase sales. With an expanded global focus, existing and new partners can now take advantage of bonus investments in categories such as marketing, new integrations and support for multiple partner types (MSPs, resellers and distributors). GoTo software is designed for IT departments of small and medium businesses yet powerful enough for business customers. It is designed to support end-user, unified communications and collaboration (UCC), IT management and support needs.

With a hyper-focus on security and reliability, we’re announcing a first-to-market zero-trust approach to our new support tool. We’re democratizing products that have hitherto been inaccessible to SMBs, such as contact center capabilities and robust support tools. In addition, we also offer a range of freemium product solutions that can be deployed in minutes or hours to the benefit of any business.

— What are your expectations from the launch of GoTo in India?

Now that the pandemic is being felt in all sectors, companies are increasingly focusing on digitization and remote working. Amid this massive transformation in the way businesses operate, it is imperative to provide them with robust, flexible and flexible remote working solutions that can successfully help them navigate the turbulence caused by the pandemic and ensure business continuity in maintain the new normal. We believe that our latest product GoTo Resolve will be hugely attractive to the Indian market.

— How will the product ease the role of IT in organizations?

GoTo covers a glaring industry gap for the need to empower tech workers who have abruptly transitioned to a new remote work environment with its own set of challenges. GoTo and the new portfolio strongly underline our commitment to provide SMEs with the right tools and technologies. Each product is tailor-made to solve every possible barrier by effectively addressing customers’ pain points and helping them grow in an ever-changing new standard.

— Can you inform us about the remote support portfolio for India?

Our remote support portfolio consists of multiple software tools designed to enable IT help desks and customer support teams to access the end user’s machine or mobile device. GoTo Resolve is a new IT Service Management (ITSM) product that can help modernize IT support by bringing together all the tools SMBs need to manage and support employees in a flexible, secure and conversational way. It includes a free tier with many features, making premium, secure IT management and support accessible to businesses of all sizes. These custom new-age tools provide technicians with the capabilities they need to quickly resolve issues remotely without physical intervention.

— What is your overall brand strategy for the Indian market? How will the launch of GoTo accelerate your growth trajectory?

The Indian market is a fast-growing segment that is increasingly geared towards digitization and automation. We have users and customers in almost every industry, both micro-enterprises and large enterprises. With a view to expanding our operational scope and domain expertise, we are committed to expanding our portfolio and etching a futuristic and workable WFH model that can help India’s determination to become an advanced technology center.

We aim to expand our presence across the country by entering new geographies and untapped markets. We’re also kicking off the launch of the all-new GoTo Partner Network for empowering emerging partner ecosystems with additional ways to attract users and increase revenue.

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