There are various keyboards that you can use for typing and gaming purposes. However, you can have a better experience if you use a small mechanical gaming keyboard. Let us discuss some of the notable features of these gaming keyboards.

Programmable keys

The primary benefit of a mechanical keyboard that is tailor-made for gaming is that you can program a particular key so that it performs a string of actions in the game while you press it eliminating the need for pressing several keys in a particular order every time. The actions or responses of all those keypresses would get combined under this one key and you need not memorize those complex key pressing orders. You can also program these additional keys according to the game. So, if you play a different game, the same key would do different actions when you press it. However, you should program it accordingly. These keys would help you in non-gaming activities also. 

N-keys rollover

The best feature of a gaming keyboard that is being advantageous while playing your favorite games would be the n-keys rollover ability. It is nothing but the seamless performance that you can get even when you press more than six keys at once. You could not press seven or more keys on an ordinary keyboard. Although you could press as you like, the operation would not be as intended. A membrane keyboard could accept only up to six key presses at once. So, you need not worry about the lags or errors in responses for your keypresses during complex games. 


Although you could see the backlit keyboards becoming common, gaming keyboards have this cool feature of lighting the keyboard with several colors that could help you press the appropriate keys even in dark. Also, you can use the RGB color-lighting feature to give different colors to different keys. Once you do this, you need not worry about taking your eyes off the screen to see which keys are being pressed. Instead, you can press the right keys having the respective colors in mind. Also, the backlit keyboards will give you a feel of a pro gamer. 


Modularity is something specific to the mechanical keyboards used for gaming purposes. If your mech keyboard is modular, you can change the keys to some other type when you feel uncomfortable with them. You could not do this with an ordinary keyboard. There, you would have to change the keyboard set as a whole if you do not wish to work with those keys on an ordinary keyboard. 


You can feel the difference in the looks of a gaming keyboard from an ordinary keyboard. A gaming keyboard would be colorful and you can choose according to your wish. Also, you can get keyboards that are in different shapes instead of a rectangle. The keys would also be in different shapes. So, you can have varieties in the looks of a gaming keyboard that could give you a different experience while gaming.