15 ways to promote your music online | Bandzoogle Blog

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow could not have said it better: “Music is the universal language of mankind.” All around the world, music is part of a culture, a society. In today’s world, thanks to the many advances in technology, it is easier and much faster for new music to be heard across different countries. Digital technology has transcended radio waves and musicians and artists can even stream their performances in real-time.

For musicians and artists, online music promotion is probably the most popular marketing strategy during these times. Social media is widely used and taking advantage of the various platforms will help boost a budding musician’s career or help grow an artist’s fan base. In this digital age, here are a few tips on how to effectively use online music promotion as a marketing strategy:

  1. Social media presence. With various social media platforms available, an artist can definitely build an online presence and create a following. Ideally, sticking to 3-4 platforms that are constantly updated will be enough to steadily grow the fan base while still keeping the material up to date. Putting up blogs or vlogs will surely increase interest for a budding artist. Make sure to keep the material fresh and post not just music, but also other relevant information. Engaging with fans and followers is a sure way of growing the social media presence.
  2. Website. Having a one-stop shop will make it easier for fans and followers to keep track of what an artist is up to. While social media profiles are good for daily interactions and engagements, a website that carries all the detailed information on future music releases or tours is ideal, since social media posts can be quickly drowned out by other material. A fully detailed website is also attractive to production companies because all the information is listed, including past projects or videos from the artist.
  3. Press Kits. These items are definitely a must for any artist or promoter. Printing out thousands of materials can be expensive, but with the digital age, there is no need to bust out the printing machines as everything can be shared digitally. Sharing press kits are easier – just include links to your music, website, and social media profiles and keep the bio up to date.
  4. Fresh material. A musician’s social media profile does not have to be all music. Posting even an inspiring quote or an encouraging message will help keep the material fresh and interesting and will attract more engagement from fans or followers. Boost older material by re-posting them, but with different captions or messages.
  5. Get a team. Making music and marketing and pitching them all at the same time is not a job for a single person. Enlisting the help of a team of experts will help the musician focus on what is important – the brand and the music – and other experts will focus on the marketing and the pitching. Being a jack-of-all-trades in online music promotion takes a toll on the musician and can affect the music production.

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