A situation that every girl may suffer, menstruation. It is a partly blood, partly tissue virginal bleeding from the uterus. This is a monthly cycle that every girl encounters though there are some that are irregular. Menstruation indicates that the girl’s body is ready for pregnancy. There are many terms for menstruation like;

  • Aunt Flo – When playing hooky, most girls use their terms instead of saying directly that they have their period. Mostly not understood by men.
  • Chum – Indians’ favorite way of saying they have a period. Most older one’s use this term.
  • Carrie – this nickname is derived from the movie Carrie.
  • Code Red – often used when you’ve got your period unexpectedly.
  • Girl’s Flu – used when girls suffer PMS effects like flu.

Premenstrual Syndrome

A flu feeling symptoms suffered by almost 75% of women during their menstrual period. These symptoms include back pain, headaches, irritability, emotional, bloating and breast tenderness.

It may occur 14 days before your period but soon stop when your period starts. Increased appetite, insomnia, and feeling overwhelmed are some worst symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

Muscle cramps in the tummy are also called period pain, a normal part of the menstrual cycle. It may be intense spasms or dull but constant. This is caused by a chemical in the body that makes the muscle in the uterus contract which is called prostaglandin. It gives us a painful and unbearable feeling.

Menstrual partners

Together with technology comes the comfort of life. No more fear of leaks during periods with the help of period underwear Australia. Various types of undergarments for comfort during period are now available. You can choose according to your size and style. Yes, you can now have your desired trendy undergarments when Aunt Flo  visits through  period underwear Australia.

Different styles of pads are also manufactured today. Tampons and sanitary pads come with different designs, like thin, long regular and for overnight. Westerners are popular in using menstrual cups. Menstrual cup is made from silicone or rubber that looks like a bell. Others believe that it’s not safe to use a menstrual cup and cause toxic shock syndrome thus causing a lower rate of 11-33% usage.

Determining a Safe and Unsafe Menstrual Period

Although menstruation is part of every girl’s life cycle, we must still be aware of our health. A lot of girls suffer serious ailments not knowing or neglecting its early symptoms. Uterus related disease can be detected through your menstrual cycle. When you think there is a change in your cycle like its regularity and appearance don’t hesitate to check it.

A normal period takes 3 to 7 days, with the average menstrual cycle of 28 to 32 days. The colors may vary some potential meaning like;

  • Bright Red – sign of a healthy and regular period
  • Diluted – may indicate severe anemia or nutrition deficiency.
  • Pinkish – signs of poor nutrition, low estrogen level, polycystic ovary syndrome or perimenopause.
  • Dark Brown – considered normal.
  • Jam-colored – possible for low progesterone and high estrogen.
  • Gray and red mix – Indicates possible infections.