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Mobile App Development Service, iOS & Android Application Development

Before you hire any service, especially mobile app development for your business, one thing is for sure, you have to hire the right developer. With the many app developers around, hiring the best one is not the easiest to do. You might be asking, how can you compare one app developer from the other if they all commit and claim the same thing. To simply answer that question, ask questions. Yes, the more questions you ask the developer, the closer you could get from hiring the best app developer there is. 

Here are a few questions you can start with:

  • When can you finish my app?

One of the first questions you must ask before hiring an app developer is whether or not they can finish your mobile app on time that you need it. There could be many developers to hire, but for sure, not all of them can do the job exactly as when you want it published and available for your customers to access and use. 

To make sure that you are giving the developers enough time to complete your mobile app, it is best if you hire the developer far before you need the app. 

If you only have a very little time to spare, your options of developers may just eb limited to a few, and even not including the best developers there is. 

  • What if something went wrong, will you fix it?

You may also want to know the extent of service they provide, do they offer warranty? What if something happens, like when the app crashes? Will they be liable to fix it and put it back to its working state? Or do you need to hire someone else to do it?

Warranty is very important especially for mobile apps, as you would never know its capacity until it goes live. You must not let them leave you hanging in case something went wrong, hence the best that you could do is assure that they will fix the issue when it happens, before hiring them. 

  • Will you assign me a point of contact?

Is there someone you can contact during and after the app has been completed? Or do you need to go through their customer service team and talk to random people? It is actually a better option if there is a point of contact as that will make your relationship with them easier and smoother. 

  • Can I get disounts? 

This is one of the questions not everyone is confident to ask an app development company in Seattle. They assume that the package price posted by the developers are fixed, so they do not bother negotiating. 

Negotiating for a better price is what you need to do all the time when hiring any service, not only limited to just app development service. But of course, when you ask, do not assume that the request for a better rate will be granted, but needless to say, asking is always better than not.