Do you have a residential property that needs to be painted? Are you wondering how to find an experienced painter and get it painted? And what steps are involved in getting a paint job done right?

Here is a simple guide to find a great painter and get your place painted right:

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is find a good painter for the job. Be sure to find a good professional for the job so you do not end up with spotty or improper finished walls. Go to Google and type: “residential painting Launceston”. You will see a list of companies and individual painting contractors listed in the search results. Read their reviews and shortlist a two or three you like.

Step 2: Reach out to the painting contractors or companies you shortlisted. Discuss your painting project with them. Tell them if you want just the interior or exterior as well. How many rooms and how many square footage they will need to paint. Will you provide the paint or materials or do you want them to get it and you pay them. Feel free to schedule a site inspection visit so they can look and quote accordingly.

Step 3: Have them give a quote in writing for the job. This way there is no room for confusion down the road. Also ask them for their business license, insurance warranty they offer for the job. Have 2 or 3 companies give you a quote so you can compare the rates and hire the one who offers the best terms.

Step 4: Then all you have to do is set up a date for the contractor to start the paint and that is it. You can now get your property painted knowing you will get the right finish because you hired the right people for the right price.