Room Scheduler software helps you manage meeting rooms, events, and more. It keeps track of available spaces and allows you to switch dates and times whenever necessary. It has customizable views and color-coded events, so you can see exactly what’s going on at a glance. It can also send you customized notifications and registration buttons to help you track the availability of your rooms and keep track of available dates.


Web-based Room Scheduler software is an online application that lets users create and modify room schedules and meetings. With this software, they can easily switch dates and times and customize their views. They can also send notifications and register visitors. The best part is that the system keeps track of available rooms and spaces.

One of the most powerful features of web-based room scheduler software is the ability to handle multiple rooms and start times at the same time. Some vendors even offer digital signage capabilities, which can allow planners to display important information about the room. In addition, administrators can view historical data to optimize their space usage.

Business meeting planners need to book meeting rooms and equipment. Using web-based room scheduler software, they can easily book spaces, add notes, and track their scheduling. They can even allow employees to make reservations through their email or mobile device. Some of the programs even include payment functionality, so users can pay for their services directly. Moreover, administrators can control the users’ access rights. They can see which users are logged in and put them into specific groups.

Can be integrated with existing calendars

There are a wide range of room scheduling software solutions available in the market. They can be used by office managers to introduce structure to their workspace, making sure that employees can continue working without any disruptions. These solutions can be deployed at the basic level, or can be integrated with extra hardware. The software allows users to schedule meetings and check availability of rooms. They can then add a meeting to the calendar and make any necessary modifications.

The main advantage of using room scheduling software is that it enables you to plan events, meetings, and maintenance activities with ease. It also allows you to switch between dates and times. Some software even offers customizable views and color-coded events. They also offer a dashboard that allows you to view the events you have scheduled and send customized notifications to your staff and guests.

Accounts for off-calendar cancellations

A room scheduler keeps track of room availability in real time, and is an effective tool for avoiding unplanned cancellations. The software can use occupancy sensors, such as check-in sensors and proximity beacons, to identify when a room is occupied and available for use. The system also tracks data on occupancy and movement inside a room.

The software can also be used to manage impromptu meetings. For example, employees might need to move a conversation from an open off space to a smaller huddle room. When this happens, employees look at the meeting room scheduler panel and add a meeting. The software updates the event’s status and analytics to reflect the new meeting. This functionality is crucial for facilities managers who need to keep track of meeting space usage.

Minimises scheduling errors

Room Scheduler software has a lot of benefits for your business, and it can help you minimise errors when scheduling meetings and events. Its built-in sensors and reports can help you determine the number of people in a meeting room and other metrics, such as temperature, light and humidity. It can even detect CO2 and TVOC levels. You can use the information in the software to improve the quality of your meetings.

This software also allows you to manage the bookings of other resources such as people and clients. It can also match requirements, features and tags to rooms. Moreover, you can easily email or notify the managers for each room booking. With Room Scheduler, you can also monitor the status of all room bookings, and track changes in the status of each room.

Supports visitor management

Room Scheduler software supports visitor management by letting you display available rooms and let visitors know when to arrive and leave. It also helps you manage the number of visitors and their expected arrival and departure times, reducing the administrative burden. It supports visitor check-in and sign-in, and enables you to create a custom schedule for your visitors.

The self-service touchscreen kiosk helps speed up the check-in process. Visitors can also scan a QR code to check in from their mobile devices. Besides, hosts can receive notifications via email, Slack, Webex, and Workplace by Meta. They can also view the list of visitors and their status through an Employee App or the Appspace console.