Russia’s war in Ukraine is being driven by “devastating madness”, and Switzerland is willing to pay the price for defending freedom and democracy, Swiss President Ignazio Cassis said on Saturday.

Switzerland has decided to impose the same sanctions on Russia as the European Union, but Cassis insisted that Switzerland’s neutrality was not at stake.

However, he said Switzerland could not just stand by in the “confrontation between democracy and barbarism” and was ready to deal an economic blow.

“On February 24, the face of the world changed, and not in a good way. We must courageously and tirelessly defend freedom and democracy. This has a price. A price that Switzerland is willing to accept,” he wrote in the newspaper Le temps. †

“This war is being driven by a devastating madness that is shattering all the principles and values ​​of our civilization.”

While there was no sign of an economic crisis or downturn for the time being, Cassis said the conflict would have an impact on the Swiss economy.

He said the country would face “continued and significant inflation and rising energy prices”, while the Swiss franc would remain a safe haven, hitting exports.

“There is no solution that, with a wave of a magic wand, would save Switzerland from the effects of the current situation,” he added.

Cassis said Switzerland will not send military aid to Ukraine, but neutrality cannot mean indifference.

“Switzerland cannot tolerate this war without reacting,” he wrote.

“Russia has massively violated the prohibition on the use of force, a principle enshrined in international law. By remaining inactive, Switzerland would have been playing the aggressor’s game.”

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