Samsung is releasing a software update for the Galaxy S22 series in South Korea, avoiding GPU and CPU limitations due to the service.

Samsung CEO Jong-Hee Han has formally apologized to users over the Game Optimizations Service app throttling debacle while addressing the company’s annual shareholders’ meeting.

The director admitted that the South Korean electronics giant did not appreciate customer concerns, adding that Samsung would listen more closely to customers to prevent such problems from happening again.

Samsung waded through another debacle over artificially limiting app performance on some phones, including the new flagships of the Galaxy S22 series. The company blames the Game Optimizing Service (GOS), which comes preinstalled on some phones, for the performance slowdown. The app allows users to fine-tune system performance during gaming sessions and claims to reduce and optimize heat build-up to extend battery life.

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However, the service limits other apps that aren’t games, leading to a significant performance drop. Users will also not be given the option to disable the app’s behavior. The service was found to reduce the performance of as many as 10,000 apps. The service was also found to whitelist benchmarking apps like Geekbench from throttling. This forced Geekbench banned the last four Galaxy S flagship generations and the Galaxy Tab S8 series from the platform.

A Korean YouTuber posted a video of 3DMark benchmark testing on his Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with the service enabled, showing that the scores differ significantly. With the service turned off, the phone achieved 2,618 points and an average FPS of 15.7 and 1,141 points and an average FPS of 6.8 with the service on.

Samsung had previously released an official statement on the Members app in Korea, confirming that the service optimized CPU and GPU performance on the Galaxy S22 series of phones to avoid heating up during long gameplay.

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It is releasing a software update for the Galaxy S22 series in South Korea, which prevents GPU and CPU throttling due to the service. A similar update is expected to roll out to older Galaxy S flagships and tablets.

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