There is a good and bad side to most drugs that are used today. Even though ketamine is a medicinal drug, a lot of people enjoy using it as a recreational or party drug. There is also a very high chance that people using Ketamine for fun do not comprehend the major risks with which it comes with. It all begins from the dosages and frequency of use because they could easily make it tough for one to come back to reality after severe use. In order to increase awareness on the dangers of using ketamine today, here are some few risk and challenges one faces when using this drug today

Respiratory problems

Breathing problems soon becomes a challenge for the ketamine users because the increased hallucinations that one experiences. You must be on guard on what amount ketamine you ingest into your body otherwise you may enter a too relaxed state to control your breathing. Ketamine has been used before for curbing respiratory depression however one should not overdo it. Once the delusions you experience become severe, you will face slow breathing which may end up in suffocation in worst cases.

Severe hallucination and withdrawals

How does ketamine help with pain relieving and seductive abilities when used for patients? The hallucination state is what detaches the patient from the pain they are experiencing. The Vietnamese soldiers relied on it for field treatment and first aid in the World War 2 however it is hard to ignore the persistent hallucination that people experience long after using the drug. You should know that under the wrong dosage, you may soon have challenges differentiating reality from phantasies and that can make you incompetent in a number of ways. The drug is also likely to make you an addict should you persist on using it every time.

Memory lapse challenges

Memory lapses are very common today with these type of drugs. Ketamine medication can be used of treating depression however in a way could tamper with your memory retention ability. Those using ketamine for recreational use must understand that it can make you incompetent for a while especially with the cognitive duties of your brain. The more memory lapses you experience the more incompetent you become especially at work and this could led to termination. Even though the drug can be used as an anti-depressant, it is also likely that it can cause you stress and depression if not used cautiously.

Ulcers development

Poor eating habits are the reason ketamine addicts end up developing ulcers. Ulcers are the gastrointestinal wounds that develop possibly due to increased action of digestive juices on the empty digestive tract. When in the hallucinating state, one may not feel hungry or the urge to eat meaning they may skip meals even for days. This in turn affects their body weight, health and general wellbeing. Ulcers can be very discomforting to people especially when one takes too long to be diagnosed with it and commence their treatment.