All their efforts have resulted in a very different kind of television commercial. One in which the Bollywood couple is in the spotlight with their OnePlus television.

Television commercials are usually a bit predictable. They are very product-oriented and almost always follow a certain template. The features of the device will be highlighted and so will the spec sheet – screen size, resolution, and so on. Based on this, viewers are told how a particular television will totally change their view of things. Some would argue that there’s only so much you can do in an ad about a television, a product that stays in a single part of your home and generally only serves one function: to be seen.

Well, not if you’re OnePlus. The brand has a habit of Never Settling. It redefined the smartphone market with its iconic line of phones, and is now doing exactly the same in the smart television space, echoing its classic “astonishing performance with cutting edge specs and sleek design at affordable prices”. Although it only entered the television market in 2019, it is already one of the top five smart TV brands in the country (Counterpoint Research Report) and has posted triple-digit growth year over year.

A key driver of the brand’s success is its ability to interact with the community. While others stick to specs, OnePlus is known for informing and entertaining in equal measure when it talks about its products. And it has brought these qualities to its latest ad campaign for the OnePlus TV Y1S and the OnePlus TV Y1S Edge. Titled ‘Stay Connected, Stay Smarter’, it features the OnePlus TV brand ambassadors and one of the most famous couples in Bollywood, Shahid and Mira Kapoor. Directed by Suraj Wanvari, the new campaign has been led and conceptualized by the OnePlus India Marketing team. It is produced by Dhruv Singhal, Sejal Shah is the Director of Photography and Media Monks led the execution and production of the campaign.

All their efforts have resulted in a very different kind of television commercial. One in which the Bollywood couple is in the spotlight with their OnePlus television. You are not lectured on the specs of the device or even told directly how great it is. Instead, you sit back and watch Shahid and Meera use their OnePlus TV Y1S Edge, with one trying to play a game even while the other is trying to take a nap. When this happens, you’ll find out that the OnePlus TV Y1S Edge isn’t just a television, but an integral part of the OnePlus ecosystem, working seamlessly with OnePlus phones, the OnePlus Buds and even the OnePlus Watch. And smile all the way.

“We are excited to continue the all-new campaign film as an extension of our partnership with Shahid and Mira for the OnePlus Smart TV category,” said Saurabh Kapoor, Head of Brand and Category Marketing, OnePlus India. “As a consumer-centric brand, we continuously strive to deliver a seamlessly connected ecosystem experience, bringing our users the best of smart TV technology at more accessible prices. Shahid and Mira’s zeal in the campaign film is a perfect match for our OnePlus community’s youthful spirit and passion for superior smart technology and we are confident that our community will enjoy this wholesome campaign film.”

Ishita Grover, Head of Marketing Communication and Government Relations, OnePlus India, said the aim of the campaign is to highlight the truly seamless, smarter connectivity experience OnePlus TVs can deliver with multiple devices simultaneously. “The recently launched OnePlus TV Y1S and Y1S Edge are an extension of our popular OnePlus TV Y series, which played a pivotal role in driving our phenomenal success in the Indian smart TV segment,” she said. “The new campaign film effectively highlights the effortless smart connectivity, powerful Android 11.0 and other smart features that deliver truly seamless smart home entertainment experiences to our users.”

The ad has clearly struck a chord with the public. The campaign teaser reached more than four million people on Instagram and has been viewed more than two million times since its release on March 11, 2022. The campaign officially went live on March 14, 2022 on YouTube, social media, TV and cinemas, and can be watched here.

The recently released OnePlus TV Y1S and the Y1S Edge run on Android 11 and are available in 32-inch and 43-inch variants. The OnePlus TV Y1S starts at Rs. 16,499, while the OnePlus TV Y1S Edge is available for Rs. 16,999. Both televisions are available with some special offers.

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