The Specialized Turbo Levo is an electric power sports bike that is designed for racing and riding at high speeds. It features a lightweight design, a high-performance battery, and a powerful turbocharger. It is one of the lightest and fastest bikes in its class. It is easy to buy this product online at Westwood Cycle.


The Specialized Turbo Levo is an e-MTB that’s primarily designed to handle e-MTB terrain. It’s been updated with a more powerful motor and a more capable suspension system. In addition, the new model has improved geometry.

This e-MTB is powered by a turbo-full-power 2.2 motor that produces 565 watts of power. It also has a FOX 38 fork. As well, the bike has a 27.5-inch rear wheel.

The motor’s torque is impressive, with 90 Nm. Besides, it’s easy to control on soft ground. But it isn’t quite as smooth as the S-Works. Nevertheless, the Turbo Levo has enough adjustability to fit most riders’ main triangle.

While the Turbo Levo has the same 29-inch MX setup as the S-Works, it’s built on a different frame. Instead of a carbon fiber-framed version, the Specialized model features an alloy frame.

Battery life

Battery life is a big concern when it comes to electric bikes. There are several factors that can impact the range of a bike, including your weight, riding style, and weather.

The Specialized Turbo Levo has a 700Wh battery, which delivers an impressive 70km of distance. That’s good, especially compared to some of the other full-powered e-bikes on the market. However, range is also affected by tyre type, weight, and rider fitness.

While the Levo has a long-lasting battery, it’s not the longest in the world. Generally, the best choice is to look for a battery that has 1,000 charge cycles.

Aside from the length of the battery, the Turbo Levo has a few other notable features. Its motor has a lot of power, but it’s also a natural pedal-assist, meaning that the bike can reach a top speed of 20mph on flat ground.

X-Fusion Manic dropper

The X-Fusion Manic dropper seatpost has a lot of impressive features. It is a hydraulically locked post that has a low-profile seat cradle, internal cable routing, and a comfortable remote.

The Manic has a very smooth, well-finished cable head. There is also a remote that offers angle adjustment and can be rotated 360 degrees within the clamp.

In terms of weight, the X-Fusion Manic is fairly light at 610 grams. Compared to other droppers on the market, it weighs in at a decent number.

The X-Fusion Manic is compatible with bikes that have a seat tube size of 31.6 millimeters. However, it is not compatible with bikes with a wider seat tube.

Another great feature of the X-Fusion Manic is the under-bar remote. This allows you to adjust the height of the post with ease.

Geometry updates

Specialized has introduced a new geometry update for their Turbo Levo e-MTB. The newest model boasts a more adjustable front end and rearward axle path, allowing for less speed-robbing hangtime and more control. It also adds S sizing and an improved battery.

Specialized has updated the controls on this e-bike, as well. Unlike other e-bikes, the controls now have more detailed information than just LED lights. There are 30 metrics available on the app. You can also customize the display fields.

This new version of the Turbo Levo also features a new downtube-integrated 320Wh battery. Having this amount of battery power on hand can help you reach incredible range numbers, especially if you’re using the Gen 3 motor.

As for the geometry, Specialized has adapted it to fit current riding trends and conditions. It has a longer front end and a more relaxed head tube angle, and has reduced offset. All this results in better stability on rough terrain.

Power save mode

Specialized has upgraded its e-bike controls in the latest model year. The Turbo Control Unit has two buttons: one that turns the bike on and off, and another that gives you an accurate display of the battery level.

Specialized has also updated its speed magnet. This upgrade allows the Levo to go much faster on flat ground. You can even set the bike to eco mode, which is great for long rides.

The new Levo has many other changes as well. It features an improved charging port, a higher torque speed magnet, a better seat tube impact protection, and an upgraded speed sensor.

It has a new charging port that is waterproof. It’s now a dual-port charger with three sealing levels, and you can use it with the included cable.