The minister said 4,000 students have left Ukraine via direct and indirect flights.

Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said on Tuesday that Indian students were positively discouraged by universities in Ukraine from leaving.

In his statement on the situation in the war-torn country, he said 22,500 Indian citizens have returned safely from Ukraine.

“Despite our efforts, a large majority of students have chosen to stay in Ukraine. We must understand the predicament in this regard. There was a natural reluctance to leave the educational institutions and influence the studies. Some universities actively discourage and show unwillingness to offer online courses. Many of them were given conflicting advice about security,” Jaishankar said.

He said that in the period up to February 24, the political signals were also confusing.

“Public injunctions not to respond to alarmism and reports of withdrawal of force have created a confusing picture. The net result was that about 18,000 Indian nationals were caught in the middle of a conflict when it started,” Jaishankar said. The minister said the students did what they thought was right under the circumstances.

He said India had prepared for the actual conflict situation.

He said the Indian embassy in Ukraine had started registering Indian nationals in January and as a result, 20,000 Indian nationals had registered with the Indian embassy.

The minister said 4,000 students have left Ukraine via direct and indirect flights.

He said India also rescued 147 foreigners from 18 countries, including Nepal and Bangladesh, from Ukraine.

The minister said that the conflict between Ukraine and Russia has major economic consequences and the same can be seen in the rising prices of energy and raw materials. “The conflict in Ukraine has major economic consequences. Its impact on energy and commodity prices is already visible. The disruption to the global supply chain is expected to be significant. India has a lot to do with both Russia and Ukraine,” Jaishankar said.

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