The report suggests that by using this data in an AI/ML or big data analytics system, higher education institutions can personalize students’ learning.

TCS iON has released the report ‘Future of Higher Education: Enabled By Data’ highlighting the importance of data in higher education in the future. It highlights that with the increase in the use of different learning platforms, the amount of data generated in the education sector has increased exponentially. Therefore, the higher education institutions (HEIs) can use this data to offer personalized learning to students. The report suggests that this could be made possible through technologies such as Big Data Analytics and AI/ML, which will encourage students to learn and ultimately reduce dropout rates.

According to the report, the data can be used in multiple ways, such as recruiters can use it to filter candidates based on their specific needs and select suitable candidates. Institutions can use data to revise their curriculum and make the necessary changes; even students can know their level of competence through the data and work on areas that need improvement. Leveraging data-ed-tech players will help them understand what kind of interventions to deploy to enhance learning and prepare students for the industry.

It also stated that the data can act as centralized sources for inspection by policymakers that can be used to evaluate institutional outcomes, help create rankings and allocate or withhold funding.

In addition, in the report recommended on digitization by the National Education Policy 2020, the report suggests that higher education institutions should invest in an integrated technology platform to facilitate institutional analysis and business intelligence by leveraging data. Overall, good use of data can add value to the entire education ecosystem and stakeholders, including academic institutions, students, recruiters, and policy makers.

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