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Understanding Google's SERP – Search Engine Results Page - Posmay Media

SERPs include paid search engine results, as well as “organic” search engine results, where the natural outcomes don’t add to Google’s revenue. Instead, Google supplies organic results based on its analysis of a website’s importance, as well as quality. Depending on the sort of search inquiry, Google will also consist of various elements on the SERP, like pictures, maps, or video clips.

The quantity of advertisements on a SERP relies on what users have searched. If you were to browse the word “footwear,” as an example, you’d likely discover a substantial variety of the leading outcomes are advertisements. As a matter of fact, you’ll probably need to scroll down the page to discover the initial natural outcome.

A query similar to this typically produces a lot of ads because there’s a solid possibility that the searcher is seeking to get footwear on the internet, as well as there are lots of shoe companies happy to spend for a feature in the AdWords results for this inquiry.

Contrarily, if you look for something like “Atlanta Falcons,” your results will be separate. Since this search is mainly connected to the professional Football team by that name, the leading results are associated with that. But it’s still a less clear query. You’ll find news stories, a knowledge graph, as well as their homepage. These three kinds of outcomes at the top show that Google does not know the accurate objective of your search; however, provides fast pathways to discover the team, read their newest information, or most likely to their website.

Given that there appears to be no purchase intent behind the inquiry, advertisers are not willing to bid for the key phrase, so there are no AdWords outcomes.

Nonetheless, if you change the query to “Atlanta Falcons hat,” which signifies to Google that you might be shopping, the SERP results in an adjustment to feature more sponsored outcomes.

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