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There are some videos of celebrities that aren’t exactly sexy, but are still hilarious. In the “You Are Not Alone” video, Michael Jackson and Lisa-Marie Presley cuddled in thongs and allowed the camera to capture the moment. In 2008, Britney Spears stripped to her skin and bare bottom for a comeback clip. The result was a massive hit, earning her first No. 1 song in nine years.

A year later, in April 2009, the newlyweds flaunted their nudity in a video. The couple was filmed in Italy, just days before they tied the knot. The naked romp is the perfect way to celebrate the couple’s new life together. The joy of nudity never gets old, and Katy Perry showed off her entire body in a 2010 video. While there were some controversy over the nude celebs videos, they are still a fun alternative to other comedies.

As far as celebrity nudity is concerned, the recent emergence of dating shows like Naked in the Park is a prime example of this. Kim Kardashian’s revealing video is the latest example of a celebrity displaying her unclothed body. The show debuted on VH1 in February and has since been on air for more than five years. Regardless of age or nationality, nudity is always fun, so there’s no reason to let it go unchecked.

The Naked Radio series premiered on VH1 in 1985 and quickly became a local hit. The cast later staged a Naked Video series as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The Naked Radio series ended in 1991, but spawned the football-themed Only an Excuse? radio spin-off that eventually made the transition to television. The show was later adapted for the small screen. The first episode premiered in September 2010.

Other Naked Radio spinoffs have also popped up. A football-themed Naked Radio spin-off launched in 1990, which later went on to become a television series. The Naked Radio cast had fun in the Nude Radio series and a subsequent Naked Video series, Only an Excuse?, which lasted just four episodes before being cancelled. A similar show was later screened on VH1 in 2011. And the cast of the show has never looked back.

Another Naked Video series launched this year. The reality show stars Katy Perry and John Legend have appeared naked in each other’s videos for decades. The duo flaunted their love in a 2014 video. And in a 1999 video, Chrissy Teigen showed off her abs. While the two-hour series continued to gain popularity, the popular show went on to produce several spin-offs, which starred many different celebrities.

In the June video, Erykah Badu and her sister perform a NSFW short. The clip features the singer and her sister, both of whom are completely naked and covered in bodily fluids. The video has since been removed from the band’s website. However, Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips says that she’s open to a remake of the video. So, while it may not be sexy, it is incredibly lusty.