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Dabbing has become increasingly popular over the years, especially in the cannabis community. It is a form of consuming cannabis concentrates that is becoming more prevalent as cannabis becomes more legal. Dabbers are always on the lookout for innovating ways to consume their cannabis concentrates, and one of the most popular methods is with dab pens. Dab pens have come a long way since their inception, and they are quickly becoming the future of portable dabbing. In this blog, we will explore the evolution of Dab pen and what the future holds for this convenient and portable way of dabbing.

The first dab pens were very basic and were designed to be used with waxy marijuana concentrates. The earliest models were simple vape pens with a small amount of wax placed on top of the coil. These early models had a lot of issues, including poor battery life and the difficulty of changing the coil. The perfecting of the dab pen took some time, but over time, manufacturers found ways to solve these problems.

The development of ceramic coils was a game-changer for dab pens. Ceramic coils are known for heating more evenly and for providing more resistance when a dabber is taking a hit. These types of coils brought about significant improvements in the quality of dabbing with a pen. Additionally, battery life and charging times improved significantly, allowing dabbers to get more hits without replacing the battery or waiting for the pen to charge.

Another significant leap forward in dab pen technology was the introduction of temperature controls. This feature enables the user to adjust the temperature to their desired preference, thus enabling an improved overall experience. Dab pens that feature interchangeable heating elements provide a more versatile vaping experience. With this feature, dabbers can enjoy different types of concentrate at different temperatures.

Manufacturers are now designing dab pens with unique features that allow for more enhanced user experiences. Some pens include devices that lock-in the ability to customize other settings. Other pens include variable voltage functionality, enabling users to change voltage between specific ranges for more customization experiences. The most notable designs are dab pens that can vaporize different types of concentrates simultaneously. This is a feature that was once unknown to existent, but now it allows users to mix and match different strains together to create a unique blend of flavor.

As competition in the dab pen market has continued to escalate over the years, the use of more advanced technologies and more diverse materials has increased. As a result, dab pens have become even more portable and user-friendly. Some models are designed in such a way that they’re smaller than a smartphone, making them easy to carry and use discreetly.


The dab pen has come a long way since its inception, and it is becoming the future of portable dabbing. Dabbing continues to grow as a popular way of consuming cannabis concentrates, and dab pens are becoming the go-to for those looking for an on-the-go, convenient option. With technology continuously improving, the future of dab pens will only continue to grow and advance, leading to an even more enhanced user experience. It is exciting to think of what the future holds for this device. One thing for sure is, there will always be an ongoing struggle for manufacturers to come up with newer better ways to help their customers enhance the dabbing experience. So the next time you think of dabbing, remember, portable dabbing made possible through the innovating dab pens!