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Silk is the luxury fabric that makes the overall appearance of the room more classy and elegant. From curtains to sleep wears, silk plays a vital role in our life. In sleep wears, you can find the ladies silk pyjamas easily. The reason is its increasing popularity and provokes the person to buy it. Several pros and cons are present that help you in making the right decisions. However, be careful when spending your hard-earned money. 

Wear and tear:

In every home, there must be something made from silk. As compared to other fabrics, silk gets wear and tear easily. Due to this feature, it is used in the making of designer items of furniture. You might have seen the use of silk less common in armchairs and other casual things. The reason is that silk is expensive, and people use it in formal furniture. For people who want to make their home luxurious and classy, silk is the best choice. In silk, several types are present such as velvet silk and traditional silk. In formal furniture, the use of velvet silk is common instead of traditional silk.


Upon visiting the market, you may know that silk is the most expensive material in the market. Due to this reason, many people prefer to check the pros and cons before purchasing silk. Among different silk types, faux silk is considered a cheap one and is similar to authentic silk.


It has the strongest natural fibers that can withstand pulling and stretching. You can easily pull and stretch the silk without worrying about ripping and tearing. The strongest parachutes are made from designer silk that imparts more protection as compared to traditional silk.

Anti-wrinkles and crush resistance: 

As compared to the other fabric, it doesn’t wrinkle easily and offers great choices for window treatment. If any heavy furniture pushes back against it, it will not look crushed. Also, several fabrics get wrinkles when you wear them. In this case, silk acts as anti-wrinkles. It doesn’t get wrinkled easily, and you don’t need to iron it daily.

Sunlight damage: 

Upon exposure to the sunlight, the fibers in the silk wear down easily. As a result, ripping occurs and tears the fibers apart. Also, it can fake the shade of silk. People who want to use silk fabrics in their curtains must avoid the harmful effect of sun rays. Also, it is preferred not to expose the silk fibers to the sunlight regularly.

Water damage: 

Silk is great in absorbing moisture. However, it becomes difficult to remove the stain of water drop from the silk. When the water drops fall on the silk, it causes the stain to persist for a long time. The reason is that silk is the primary upholstery fabric and needs a high maintenance form of cleaning. Due to infinite reasons, silk is popular. Many people understand the pros and cons of silk. In this way, they consider it before purchasing it.