8 Types of Air Conditioners: Choose the Best for Your Home

Air conditioners are common electrical appliances in current homes that need proper aircon servicing. In the USA, over 75% of homesteads use different types of air conditioners. In this article, we will break down the common air conditioners used worldwide.

The central air conditioner

It’s an electrical appliance for a large home where you would wish to cool many rooms at once. It uses a split system that regulates air via ducts in your home. The central air conditioners have another name, the ducted system.

The split system has two vital units, the Outdoor units in the condenser and the compressor. The central air conditioner uses refrigerant to remove indoor heat. The heat goes outside while cool air gets pushed in via the ducts. For a better home experience, you can use modern HVAC technology.

The ductless mini-split

If you want a room section to cool more efficiently, then this is your machine. The machine is perfect for contemporary homes. It’s a combination of the outdoor unit with a condenser having one or more indoor units and a compressor. The indoor units are on a wall and connected with the air blowers. The outdoor and indoor units get connected via tubing. The refrigerant circulates the tubing’s in variations that depend on the usage type. The indoor units are minute and compact, making it easy to mount each room with one. These air conditioners are efficient and energy-saving compared to the other types. They have remote control and a smart AC controller. It makes it possible to operate them anywhere using your phone.

The window air conditioner

These conditioners come in different sizes. They suit individuals who need to cool single rooms or minute areas. A large window air conditioner can even cool and entire a small home. The window conditioners have the label as the champions of cooling minute places.

They are the most popular used among the air conditioners.

A window conditioner is one single unit with components enclosed inside. It releases heat using the outdoor part and blows in cool air using the indoor side. You install them in the window or by creating a hole in a wall. The sliding filters make it easy to clean for better AC efficiency. They a remote use when controlling.

Portable air conditioners

They are small, like the window air conditioners. You can place them in one unit with the components inside it. It only needs a power outlet and access to a window to enable air exchange via the funnel. It serves individuals who need temporary cooling. They are handy, and their smaller versions can serve in kennels and bathrooms.

Floor mounted air conditioner

Do you prefer a mini-split, but you lack space for a wall-mounted unit? The AC floor-mounted indoor unit lies on the floor. You can install the outer unit without any ductwork or much site preparations. It’s possible to use it on tile walls in your home.

You can install it up to six inches above the floor and connect it with the outside unit via a wall hole. It heats the room faster than any other air conditioner. It needs space, so ensure it’s not blocked by walls or furniture.

Smart air conditioner

It’s a mini-split, portable, or window air conditioner type. It’s enabled with an IoT and an active app that allows global control via a smartphone. These air conditioners have diverse functionalities depending on the manufacturing company. Some of these functionalities include comfy mode, geofencing, weekly scheduling, and many more.


Due to advancements in technology, many types of air conditioners are on the market. You can select one that suits your personal needs to feel the greatness.