The safety of humans, as well as resources and finances, is of vital importance. With the rising threats, security and surveillance accessories and their implementation are attaining momentum. Security and surveillance are no more restricted to critical military applications or national borders. It is now being implemented in residential, commercial, and industrial facilities as improved security is the need of the hour. There are different types and configurations of CCTV cameras and related accessories available in the market. So, the kind of camera depends upon your application requirement. In this article, we will discuss some factors you may want to consider when buying security cameras for your application.


  • Resolution is the most essential and basic feature of a camera. After all, even for basic security applications, you must select a camera with a reasonably high resolution because you do not want the photos or videos to be pixelated or highly unclear. If you have to identify faces in the footage, you must see them. Also, nowadays, HD or high definition is pretty common, readily available, and affordable. 


  • It is always better that a security camera has night vision, even for primary applications. After all, that’s the time when complete security is required, and your cameras should be on alert mode all night. Most smart cameras have night vision mode, which automatically switches on or off based on the natural light available.


  • It’s best to choose a smart camera with sensors that detect noise or activity around. They sense occupancy and thus issue an alert to the monitoring user. While smart cameras issue notifications and alerts, you can adjust the settings to fit your requirements. Also, you can control and observe them with the help of an app on your smartphone.


  • Most security cameras are bound to be outdoors, so the cameras must be resistant to a wide temperature range, moisture, rains, and so on. This is because they cannot stop working if weather conditions change.


  • Most CCTV camera systems capture the voices and sounds of people apart from just photos and videos. While this may create privacy problems in specific residential applications, it is a crucial factor from a security point of view.
  • Depending upon the security camera you choose, you should choose an equally robust network system, which can manage the streaming of all videos. This includes cabling, internet, switches, and more.


If you are looking for CCTV kit, CCTV camera systems, and related networking accessories, ensure you source them from reliable manufacturers and suppliers.