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The main thing to do here is to prevent comment spam. Driving a great deal of traffic to your site is all about being you. As long as you are yourself and have something crazy useful to offer, then it’s a matter of time in doing the proper promotional activities to draw traffic to your site.

It is prudent to note that drawing traffic to your blog is a time-based activity. Unless you’re focusing on a trend or fad, the idea would be to have evergreen content where people come to your site time and time again.

In order to have evergreen content, it is mandatory to have unique and really useful content. A topic that could possibly be evergreen would be based on fat loss or even earning money after 50.

The virality aspect is something that you need to ensure you focus on separately. With that said, evergreen content can also have a viral element to it. There’s a great deal of psychology here. Content types that do go viral are infographics and videos.

From a logical point-of-view, remember that the structure of your blog needs to be properly done. Virality of a blog post will only happen if factors like spam are done away with. Prevent comment spam on your blog by ensuring you have the right comment plugin in place.

There is always a paid component to traffic. A social media strategy or digital strategy is a prerequisite where you garner the right audience towards your blog. To do this properly, it makes sense to understand the demographics of your audience.

Lastly, remember that a comprehensive content calendar choosing the right topics must be crafted. But you can’t come up with any sub-topic. Rather think of topics that are based on good keyword research and analytics.