Selecting a good letting agent who is capable of managing and maintaining your valuable property can be an inconvenience for most landlords. What is intended by an ideal Letting Agent?  It can be best described as a person who will be responsible for managing rental paperwork, find you right tenants, capable of dealing with any rental issues for a reasonable letting fee. 

Read the top tips that will help you find the perfect letting agent for your property.

  • As a landlord, you need to determine the services that you need. Do you want your letting agent to find tenants and deal with original paperwork only? Or do you want him to manage the property as well for possible maintenance issues? 
  • Now that you have gotten a clear idea about your needs, it is time to research local letting agents with the help of recommendations and online reviews. Start shortlisting the agents and communicate with each one by asking a specific set of questions about their fee, availability of tenants, and previous work.
  • It can be very appealing to hire the agent proposing the lowest fee. But, a cheaper fee may cost you long-term worries. The agents that you have been shortlisting must possess relevant skills and experience to keep your tenants happy and keep your rental income flow constantly. 
  • While shortlisting, you must consider the location of letting agents. The second thing to check is the membership. Is your shortlisted letting agent a member of a renowned professional body, ensuring that he meets certain standards? 
  • Does their website mention that they meet all the legal requirements? Do they have a thorough knowledge of local rental marketing trends? How well are they displaying their properties on their website? Is the description clear? 
  • If you are dealing with the letting agent from a professional agency like Dowen Lettings, then you don’t need to worry about any paperwork. It becomes the responsibility of a competent letting agent to confirm the basics like credit card checks or if the tenant has been residing rightfully in the country along with correct employment details.
  • An ideal letting agent understands that property without tenants is costing the owner, and hence he uses several marketing strategies to find you tenants, within the shortest time possible.
  • Also, do not forget to enquire about their notice period at the time of hiring.  
  • While finalizing the selection procedure, read the contract carefully, especially the fee and termination clauses, before signing. Keep copies of all paperwork including any correspondence between both parties.
  • An ideal letting agent such as the one you can get from Dowen Lettings will provide you copies of signed tenancy agreements. Also, he will never fail to provide you receipts for any repair or maintenance work required at your property during regular inspections.
  • Lastly, trust your instinct. You need to employ someone, whom you can trust. Don’t be fooled by their charms and trust your gut-feeling while interviewing the agents.