Technical screening tools are a great way for employers to get a sense of a candidate’s skills and experience. These can help make the hiring process a lot more straightforward. 


Codility is one of the most popular and widely used technical screening tools in the tech recruitment industry. It’s designed to screen candidates in a way that’s transparent and efficient.

It’s a testing platform that uses automated scoring and feedback to help recruiters gauge candidates’ skills. Recruiters can use it to prescreen candidates based on specific skills, such as algorithm design or database management.

The company offers a variety of services and programs that make it easy for users to create, test, and evaluate candidate tech skills. Their offerings include an online task library, a chat bot, and code reviews.

While it’s not the first coding test to come to mind, Codility is a great option for recruiters looking to find and hire skilled technical talent. Whether you’re hiring a recent graduate or building a diverse engineering team, Codility can help you get started. More information can be found at WeCP website.

CodeSignal TechScreen

CodeSignal TechScreen is a computer-scored, human-led quiz aimed at discovering which candidates can best solve technical problems. The product is a good way to find the right people for your technology needs.

This coding exam offers a more holistic view of an applicant’s skills than the old-school interview. It allows you to find the best tech talent without wasting valuable time and resources. Plus, the quiz is a fun way to test the brains of your prospective employees.

CodeSignal TechScreen is one of several teknisk evaluating tools on the market. Some of the other perks of this platform include the following:

Not only does it help you hire the best candidates, but it also ensures that you get the best bang for your buck. By integrating a suite of tarot card sized technical screening tools into your recruitment process, you will reduce the number of hours spent screening your applicants.


HackerEarth is a coding assessment platform that helps you to hire the right developers for your organization. It offers a wide range of coding assessments in over 35 programming languages. The tool also offers a talent assessment module that allows you to screen candidates and interview them in video format.

HackerEarth has a large library of over 13,000 screening questions. In addition to the general questions, it also provides advanced programming questions to help you screen and find the best candidates. Recruiters who use the tool have reported that they have found an increase in the quality of their applicants.

Another feature of HackerEarth is its ability to generate custom coding assessments. This is ideal for tech recruiters who want to test a candidate’s coding skills. Using this tool, you can conduct an in-person or remote coding review. You can easily modify your test’s duration, language, and cut-off score.

Toggl Hire

Toggl Hire is a pre-employment assessment tool that offers role-specific skill tests. This software is designed to help companies worldwide automate the hiring process.

The tool’s online assessment platform helps you to curate and schedule customized evaluations. It also includes a remote AI-based proctoring suite.

The tool is built to be scalable. You can create multiple assessments with a single click. There are pre-built test templates or you can design your own. Aside from testing technical skills, you can also assess critical thinking and communication skills.

You can customize your Landing page to match your company’s brand. Include a relevant photo, text that describes the recruitment journey, and a company logo.

The tools are free to use. However, you can sign up for a paid plan. Depending on the size of your team, you can choose a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription.

Greenhouse ATS

Greenhouse ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is a tool that helps you to improve your recruitment process. It comes with a vast array of features spanning different stages of the recruitment life cycle. These include sourcing, interviewing, scorecards, and more. You can create jobs on the platform and send feedback surveys to applicants.

The best part about Greenhouse is the extensive pre-built integrations. With these, you can integrate your Greenhouse account with over 360 apps and services. Moreover, you can easily transfer data from one system to another.

Another plus is its easy to use Report Builder tool. This helps you to make data-driven decisions. There are widgets to monitor average time to fill a job, the number of requisitions created, and more.

Greenhouse has many other features that help you simplify the hiring process. Some of these include a scorecard, interview plans, and the ability to set up reminders for certain tasks. For instance, you can send an interview reminder to candidates after the interview is complete.