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Your eCommerce business can be successful only when four ingredients work together effectively:

  • An online platform
  • Desirable products
  • Marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

Many entrepreneurs start with a product, put it on a platform, but then struggle with the marketing and SEO. There are so many options for these today! How do you choose?

Do you already have a marketing plan running? Have you used basic SEO principles? Then today, we at Trustpilot offer three methods to quickly improve your search engine rankings beyond the beginner level. Any of these can bring greater traffic to your online platform.

1. Use Branded Profiles

Besides having a website that you own, you can build up your presence on other branded platforms. Some businesses, for example, have content-rich profiles on:

  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • And many others

When consumers are searching for products like yours, they’ll see that you are mentioned and active within other brands that they trust.That will give them a first impression of you as a trustworthy business — which is a key reason to get Trustpilot reviews, for example.

As you’re building your profile on each platform, follow these tactics:

  • Rotate Through Links: Each time you list your organization in an online directory or write a guest blog post, give a link to a different one of your branded profiles — or pick the one most relevant to the post — and mention the brand in the anchor text.
  • Link from Your Website: Display prominent links on your homepage to your favorite branded profiles, especially showing off the brands with the best reputations.
  • Complete Your Profiles: Make each of your branded profiles look finished and dynamic, with current content, videos, up-to-date copy, and so on.

2. Earn Reviews on Multiple Sites

You let customers leave reviews of your brand and products on your own website, but is that enough? If you perform an online search for products from major companies, don’t you see reviews of their products on multiple different types of sites?

As you’re building your presence on several branded profiles and platforms, follow a plan to get and respond to reviews on every single major outlet that allows it.

Build overwhelming evidence that many different customers trust you in numerous channels. Some customers can only imagine other customers to be like them if they use certain platforms for shopping and reviews.

Truly trustworthy businesses should be rewarded with lots of good reviews in many different places. That’s why we do what we do at Trustpilot.

3. Cast a Wider Net of Keywords

Research to find non-obvious keywords that your prospects are searching with. Find keywords that have less competition from big companies and that’ll bring in sales for you. You can do this in two ways.

Be the Alternative

Does your product compete against a major competitor that some customers would rather avoid? When they’re searching for a product plus “alternatives” or “competitors,” what do they find?

If they’re not finding you, you could create content on your site or on your branded profiles that includes copy using “alternative” or “competitor” keywords. You could also approach other companies that appear in search results as competitors, and ask them to list a link to you as a resource for their customers.

Take Advantage of Autosuggest

When consumers are about to make a purchase, they often perform online research first. As they’re typing a product category into a search engine, they might see new search phrases as autosuggestions — and research using the autosuggest phrases instead of the category name alone.

Wouldn’t you like to come up in search results when they hit Enter? To find out what autosuggest phrases they’ll be searching, use tools such as:

  • Keywords Everywhere
  • Longtail Pro
  • Soovle
  • UberSuggest

You can then create landing pages, blog posts, videos, and other content to answer their questions. You might even capture their email addresses with the promise of sending them even more of this type of content later or giving them a special report immediately.

Keep Improving at SEO

eCommerce today depends so much on search engines. Use at least one of these tactics to improve your SEO. Keep getting better at making the search engines happy, satisfying your customers, and earning more reviews on Trustpilot.