Bonus refers to the amount of money that almost every Judi Poker website offers. The website credits a specific amount of real money in the user’s account when they meet certain pre-set conditions. Bonuses are an amusing method of encouraging existing players while attracting other players to register and play on this website. 

Generally, there are three categories of bonus that poker websites offer:

  1. First deposit bonus- The first deposit bonus is also popularly known as a sign-up bonus. Players receive this when they register and create an account on the website. It acts as a warm gesture and makes them feel welcome on the website. Furthermore, players can only use this bonus once in their online gambling life. 
  2. Reload bonus- Clever online casinos and poker websites use the reload bonus to make a profit effortlessly. What happens is that the website activates the reload bonus for the player who is inactive for a pretty long time now. Next, if the player decides to come back and deposit on the website, the bonus will grant them an extra amount. In addition to this, the reload bonus is very rare since poker websites do not credit them regularly.  
  3. No deposit bonus- The no deposit bonus is one of the best things that can ever happen to a poker enthusiast. It allows players to try and play any game they like without depositing real money. It is further classified into two types- free cash and free spins and is rare in live casinos. 
  4. Match deposit bonus- Online poker and casino websites offer the match deposit bonus to players when they fund their accounts. In other words, the website matches the amount player deposits but only up to a certain number. For instance, suppose the website is offering a 100% match bonus when you deposit $300. As a result, your total deposit amount will become $600 due to this bonus. 
  5. Percentage Deposit bonus- As the name implies, this bonus allows the website to credit a specific percentage of the amount the user deposits initially. Thus, if the online Judi Poker website gives a 50% deposit bonus when players deposit $100, their bankroll will become $150. 
  6. Royalty bonus- We were saving the best for the last. The royalty bonus is hands-down a mind-blowing medium of rewarding players with a VIP bonus. It is important to remember that this bonus is extremely rare and depends from website to website. The amount can be anything according to the guidelines of the casino website. 

What is a referral bonus?

Upon successful registration on any poker website, you will receive a link that you can share with your family members and friends. Now, whenever someone uses your link to register and become a part of the family, the website will reward you as well. As a result, you will receive a referral bonus which you can use to play online poker. 

The online poker and gambling world is indeed beautiful but has a dark side too. Thus, players especially beginners have to be extra careful to prevent online scams as it is easier for them to fall into the deceiving traps of websites.


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