Every tangkasnet website out there would offer several rewards and bonuses for its players as follows. 

Joining bonus

You would have come across various gambling companies online. If so, there would be a single common thing in their branding tactics. It is the announcement of a welcome bonus for the new joiners on the website. Every gambling company has adopted this strategy of acquiring new followers and customers by offering a cash reward during their association with the players. Once a gambler decides to join a gambling website named X, he will bring some money to deposit and start his career. At this time, the concept of the joining bonus will come in. If the percentage of the joining bonus is a hundred percent, the player will get all his deposit money as the bonus. However, the player could not take this hundred percent money to his home without playing any games with it. Once he wins anything, he can withdraw it. 

Referral bonus

Once you manage to join a gambling house, you will start playing the games and winning money. However, you can earn a certain amount of money if you can manage to get a new customer to the gambling house. The process of helping someone join the gambling house is known as a referral. 

No deposit bonuses

On the contrary to the above-mentioned bonus, there will not be any requirements for the player to make an initial deposit if there is a no-deposit offer in the gambling house. It means that the players and gambling enthusiasts can try their luck in one or two gambling games without meeting the initial investment requirement also. When the number of newcomers to the gambling house is reduced, they will introduce this type of bonus to boost up the numbers. As expected, the number of players joining the casino would be high if there is a no-deposit bonus. It is because of the reduced risk of losing the initial investment if there is no such offer. People will join the casino and win one or two games. Afterward, they will get tempted to play more and will join by paying money. However, you could not find this bonus in all the gambling entities. 


Unlike a no-deposit bonus, you could find this cashback bonus in almost all gambling companies. It is a bonus or a note of hope given by the gambling house to the player who is in the depression of continuous losses. For instance, let us assume that a gambling house offers 10% of the losses that occurred in one week for a player as the cashback. So, if the player has lost $100 in the past week, he can claim the cashback bonus of $10. He will get this $10 to play more games. It will happen every week until the player leaves the gambling house. As the player is getting some support from the gambling house, he will remain to play in that house.