dev: Updates on 2020 Ranked & Matchmaking - League of LegendsLeague of Legends (LoL) is one of the most played and well-known games in the world. The game has an in-built matchmaking system that is solely based on MMR. MMR stands for Match Making Rating, which is the way that the game decides which players to match with each other. The system is designed to find players with similar skill levels and create a fair matchup. Do you want to know how the MMR system works? If so, keep reading this blog to discover how the LoL MMR system operates


MMR is what ensures that you play ranked games with players who match your skill level. It is calculated by the number of games you have won or lost, the game’s difficulty level, and whether you did the best in your team compared to other players. The more wins you have, the higher your MMR will be. On the flip side, if you lose games, your MMR will decrease, and you will be matched with players with a lower MMR. It is not completely based on winning and losing, and it is also controlled by other factors, including how effectively you play as a team.

The matchmaking system in the game ensures that you get paired with someone within MMR range- if you are a good player, it will also ensure you play against a good player. The system is designed to provide you with a fair competition, so it’s not fun if you’re ranked Silver and get paired against Platinum. The system will take your last played game to determine where to place you. The variables used to determine the match are; queues you search, your rank, your account age, and the average of your other teammates. The matchmaker follows the five-man group constraint: that is, a group of five players will only get to match players who come within another such group. A team will get a higher MMR weighting if they all belong to a similar rank instead of having a Diamond 1 with Bronze 4 rank player.

To summarize, MMR is based on a person’s win rate in the game. It is a score used to pair opponents for a matchmaking game. It compares a player’s performance to the other players with whom they are matched. MMR is calculated through the results of games, making it almost impossible to cheat the system since you will have to improve your skills and overall gameplay to progress. It will take time since the more games you play, the more accurate the MMR will become, resulting in better opponents.


MMR is a critical factor for matchmaking, and it is essential to understand how it works if you want to climb up the rank ladder. With the help of this article, you know a bit more about what it takes to have a higher MMR, making your matches more competitive and meaningful. The best tactic would be to practice and gain experience through playing the game since MMR is mainly based on your skills and how you perform in games overall. As for now, make it your mission to improve your gameplay with each game you play, climb up the ranks, and enjoy the game to the fullest.