Basti SP Ashish Shrivastava released a video statement today stating that the police have secured the victim’s family.

Uttar Pradesh police raided the Basti district chairman of the Samajwadi party and the party’s MLA from the home of Basti Sadar Mahendra Nath Yadav last night after a complaint was filed against him accusing him of kidnapping a person named Ramkumar and his family. Ramkumar happens to be the block chief of Bahadurpur in Uttar Pradesh. Police found Ramkumar and his family at the SP MLA’s home and secured their release. According to reports, the MLA was at his home at the time of the police raid.

According to media reports, SP MLA Mahendra Nath Yadav allegedly took Ramkumar and his family hostage last October and they have been missing since. A kidnapping case was registered at Kalwari Police Station yesterday, based on a complaint from Ramkumar’s relative Om Prakash.

Basti SP Ashish Shrivastav released a video statement today stating that the police have provided security to the victim’s family.

“Last night (March 18) Om Prakash, son of Mithai Lal, came to Kalwari Police Station and told that his brother-in-law (jija) Ramkumar, the block chief of Bahadurpur, had been taken hostage by Samajwadi Party District President and MLA Mahendra Nath Yadav on October 23, 2021. Ramkumar had informed Om Prakash on the night of March 17 that he was being held hostage by Mahendra Nath Yadav in his residence and was not allowed to leave. Following Om Prakash’s complaint, an FIR was filed and the audio he provided was investigated. When the police arrived, Ramkumar was found there (at MLA’s house) and handed over to his family. After recording the statement of the suspect and the victim, we conduct further investigation. The victim has been given police protection,” said Basti SP Ashish Shrivastava.

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However, the police have not yet arrested anyone in the case.

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