It is normal to have doubts when choosing a men’s watch for the groom. We brought here the best options for this special occasion:

Wristwatch for the groom: The most suitable models

Here are some model tips to use on the wedding day that you can match with the style to be adopted or visit for example to check out other options:

Minimalist Watches

Minimalism is a style that is increasingly on the rise. Far beyond watch models, minimalism is a way of life. As its name suggests, less is more, and there is no exaggeration anywhere. The decor here is simple, without exaggeration or too many embellishments, without losing elegance. Some more classic models are those with a metal or leather strap that matches the minimalist outfit. Everything classic marries this style.

Informal Clocks

There are weddings of the most diverse styles. One of them can have this more informal style, as is the case of ceremonies held on the beach, in which the groom wears shorts and a shirt. This type of occasion does not call for very classic wristwatches or gold bracelets. Here, the groom can loosen up more. Watches with colored bracelets, for example, or watches with just one detail or one more color are good examples for this type of party.

Sports Watches

Here are weddings like those made on the beach or even in other open places, such as a field, a square, or a court. In such cases, the model of the men’s watch can be a sporty one or a fine sporty one. On an occasion when the attire is more informal (or smart sport), which does not require a tie, or when the groom wears a shirt untucked (but still with a suit on top), the watch needs to follow this style of clothing. In this case, the pointers and the size of the display can be further differentiated.

Contemporary Watches

Here, all those couples who enjoy a more modern look, but without leaving the classic out. Grooms who know how to wear a well-tailored suit like classic but reinvented accessories. In this case, a wristwatch with a more retro or vintage feel is a great choice because it results in a very elegant contrast when combined with a modern look.