If you are probably considering giving someone a watch, that person should be someone you know the style and tastes of fashion. Therefore, you must take into account some factors to choose the ideal model from a retailer like Rolex Retailer (ตัวแทน จำหน่าย rolex which is the term in Thai) for instance, and don’t make mistakes in your choice:

Automatic or Analog Model

There are two different models, and people like more analog models and other automatic models or models that have both functions. It is ideal for you to know this; this way, you avoid choosing a model that will not be used or will be used very few times, not worth the expense.

Favorite Colors

Color is also an essential factor because today, many colors are available, but the best-selling models are those in shades of silver, black, or gold. So, you can bet on these colors that are wilder for all times, for both men and women.

With Specific Options

Many people like watches with specific options for any situation, it’s nice and interesting for you to be aware of this if you want to give some model. Today, there are features such as water resistance, calendar, and stopwatch, among other things, and that for some people can make life easier, making the gift very worthwhile.

Anyway, What Is The Best Model To Give?

There is no specific model; you need to stay tuned and know the person’s tastes if they are adept at wearing watches and the style, they usually adapt to dress so that you don’t make a mistake in your choice.

However, now that watches nowadays are very used, so it is a great choice for gifting. Think of a quality product that the cost-benefit is interesting and that the person likes, mainly.

What Value Should The Watch Have As A Gift?

There is no specific value, but when giving someone a gift, be careful not to choose a model with a value FAR above what would be expected of a gift, unless you are a very close family member (husband, wife, parents, in-laws, brothers, etc.).

That’s because your recipient can look for the price of the watch and try to give you a gift at the same time or in another situation. Although there are many exceptions, try to avoid this type of problem, both for you and the person.