Débouchage canalisation - Service de débouchage Bruxelles (Brussels)

Drains blockage can be cleaned in so many ways like chemicals, hydro-jetting, water pipes replacement, and by a ferret. Débouchage canalisation is not a cakewalk to do. To unblock your pipes properly, you should have all the cleaning tools available. Make sure you avoid any harm to your pipes system. In case you don’t know much about your drainage systems then you should always call for professional skilled workers for plumbing and cleaning your drainage system. 

Only call to those who have years of experience in unblocking blocked drains and unclogged sewage pipes, so you can see and learn about your drain blockage. Also, you will not damage things in your drainage system after getting professional help. 

Drains unclogging by chemicals 

If you are too busy to go to market and buy chemicals for débouchage canalisation. Then don’t worry you can make your unclogging chemical at your own house with some household things. You can take lemon juice, baking soda, vinegar, and normal warm drinking water. Mix them all in a bowl. The mixture prepared is perfect for unclogging your drains. The vinegar and warm water will decompress your waste in the drainage pipes, and the mixed reaction from the baking soda will make your waste slip down on the drain. 

After this, take a bowl of very hot water and pour it into your drain. Wait for 3 minutes. Later, use some more hot water and pour it down to the drain. With the help of a plunger clear away the waste that has been slackened up by the chemical mixture and hot water.

Drains unclogging by Pipes replacement 

If your drain is clogging again and again, even after the above chemical mixture is not working. Then, you must go for the change in your drainage system like pipes replacement. In this case, you can also have a camera near your drainage system to check from where and what kind of clog is blocking the drains. For your débouchage canalisation, you must go for the strong PVC pipes and replace your old pipes with them. If your drains clogs are not solving, you can ask some professional plumbers about it. 

If nothing is working then go for the replacement of the pipes. Usually, people go for an instant solution of chemicals but if nothing works then the system of pipes replacement is effective in your drainage. No doubt, this solution of pipes replacement will take a lot of time to set in your drainage system but it will solve your drains clogging problem for a longer period. 


Débouchage canalisation is very complicated but not impossible. Not just above solutions but you can go for drains unclogging by hydro-jetting, by ferret, homemade solution, professional plumber assistance, and much more. Hope that the above suggestion has helped you to unclog your drains.