It has become easy to order weed products through the same day weed delivery Vancouver companies. However, the following knowledge about the different species of cannabis being is vital. 

Cannabis Indica – Cannabis Indica is the variety of cannabis species that is known as CBD-rich guys in the market. So, you will get the medicinal benefits offered by the cannabidiols along with the slight mood alterations provided by some THC compounds inside the plant. You can consume the plant’s stem, leaves, and other elements to get the same effect. Since THC compounds would be less in number compared to CBD, you could not expect a strong mental high. Also, you will not go to the semi-conscious state upon consumption of this plant. However, you can take advantage of the CBD compounds. If you have nausea, you can reduce the effect of it by consuming indica plants. Also, you can get some relaxation and relief from your body pains. Cannabis indica plants are from the mountainous and dry areas of Southeast Asia like Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan. It is better to take the plant during the nighttime to have better results. 

Cannabis Sativa – Cannabis sativa plants would love to grow in hotter regions where you could see the sun for a long time. So, the best regions for their growth would be Central Asia and the African plains. You can find a lot of THC compounds in the sativa plants that make them different from indica plants. However, CBD will also be present in lower amounts. Since THC is dominant, the head high you get after taking these plants would be strong. So, you should avoid consuming these plants if you do not want that head high. But along with the high feeling, you can also get mental relaxation. If you are having high stress at your home or work, you can try relaxing with a sativa plant that would help a lot. People taking sativa plants have reported that they are more energetic when they consume the sativa plants. Also, they are feeling relieved from anxiety and depression. So, you can fight against the various mental disturbances with the help of these THC-rich plants. 

Hybrid strains – Apart from indica and sativa plants, you would also find some unknown or different varieties of weeds. These are known as hybrid strains as they would contain various elements of two or more cannabis species combined. You can also produce or grow a hybrid strain in your greenhouse or a farmhouse. If your parental plants have certain characteristics and properties, they would reflect in your hybrid strains also. For instance, a tall plant with broader leaves would produce a similar kind of hybrid strain. The vital characteristic for which hybrid strains are made is the THC content and CBD content. People who need a specific level of THC content in their weeds could go for the hybrid variety that offers them that much THC. 


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