If there is a land-based สล็อต casino in a locality, it need not involve in a lot of marketing activities as it would be the only one center for gambling in that region. Due to the various restrictions on gambling activities, it is rare for a specific region to contain more than one gambling house. So, people will get to know its presence easily through word of mouth and very minimal efforts are enough for the promotion and reach of these land-based casinos. However, the same will not go true for an online casino. In this case, the scenario is completely different. Millions of websites could operate at the same time and the same person can search and use any of these websites from a single place. So, the concept of reach by self-promotion is not possible for online casinos. As the competing domains are high in number, it is tedious to reach the audience without extensive marketing tactics. One such marketing strategy is to provide attractive bonuses to the players to gain their attention. You could find several bonuses given on various occasions in online casinos as below.

Welcome bonus

You will get this bonus when you start your journey with an online casino by making your initial deposit. Each casino will have different sizes of welcome deposits and it will be dependent on your deposit amount. For instance, let us assume that an online casino offers a 100 percent welcome bonus for each deposit and you make a deposit of $50. So, your account will be credited with $100 as a whole. Now, you can use this extra $50 for your games. As it seems attractive to get money at the beginning itself, more players will get tempted.

Cashback bonus

In case you face a streak of losses, you will get cashback from some online casinos. Let us assume that the casino offers cashback of 5% every two weeks and you have lost $100 in two weeks on the casino. Now, you will get a cashback bonus of $5. Players consider this as a motivation to play again even after huge losses. However, only a few casinos offer these cashbacks.

No-deposit bonus

In some casinos, you need not make an initial deposit to begin your gameplay. These bonuses are known as no-deposit bonuses. While looking for ways to attract new customers, casinos came up with the idea of allowing people to play without any deposits as some players would be hesitating to spend money in gambling in the initial stages.

Free spins

Free spins are nothing but an opportunity given to some players to spin and win in their casinos. For instance, you will get to spin a wheel and the indicator will point at something valuable. If so, you can take the reward for free.

Referral bonus

Whenever you refer someone else to join the online casino where you are a member already, you will get a reward known as a referral bonus.