If you are interested in playing online casino games, you would end up in the middle of tons of gaming options that can blow your mind away. So, you can narrow down your search for a perfect game with the level of your expertise and skills. If you are a beginner, games that do not require that many skills will be suitable for you. Slot machine games are such games that even a beginner can understand in a short span and start playing. You can play slot machine games either in a land-based casino house or websites like ufabet ONLINE. The slot games are nothing but guessing games that will ask you to predict the combination of characters printed on the reels of a slot machine that will end up below the pay lines after a spin. If you guess the characters accurately, you can take the payout. Else, you will lose your money. There are no gameplay steps that you have to know. You will be selecting the character and placing your money as chips to wait for the result. Although the game is simple, it is better to know some of the vitals that you may use in your turn with the slot machines. Hence, let us have a look at some of these primary terms in slots.

Vital terms in online slots

Pay line – If you want to win in slot games, you have to get the right combination of characters under the horizontal line that hangs over the reels of the slot machine. This horizontal line that connects one character from each reel at the end of the spin is known as a pay line. In a traditional reel slot machine, there will only be a single pay line. But the present-day video slots have several lines on their reels. So, you would have to select the one you wish to be active pay line that will indicate the winning combination at the end of the spin. There will be a separate payment for selecting a particular pay line as active.

Jackpot – Generally, a Jackpot is a large prize amount that you will get in a casino or a lottery. However, in slot machine games, especially in progressive slots, the prize money will be increasing until any of the players in the casino wins it. This ever-growing winning amount is known as a Jackpot. Every time one player bets on a casino game, a small portion of his bet will accumulate in this Jackpot.

Slot theme – If you are seeing a similar pattern in the characters on reels, music playing around, animations used, and other effects of a slot machine, then it is a themed slot. The theme will represent anything that is popular outside of the casino.

243 ways – It is a special type of online slots where you can get the winning amount even if you get the guessed combination in adjacent spaces of the reels.