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You could not be assured that you would win in an หวยออนไลน์. However, the following actions could help you.

Reduce the competition

Let us assume that there are a thousand ways to win the lottery and two thousand people are contesting for it. Even if you win the lottery, you would have to share the Jackpot with someone as there are more players than the available options. Hence, your winnings would be less. Sometimes, the odds would also go out of your way if there are more contestants for the lottery. So, it would be a better option to go with a lottery where the participants are fewer. There would be some lotteries on the website you play which is widely popular. It would be a better decision if you opt-out of these games. If you try choosing a number from a lottery that is not much popular, you may win easily at times. Although you could not be assured that playing with few members could help you win the Jackpot, you can try increasing your chances this way. You can find some lotteries happening in the nighttime where more people would not fight to choose a number. 

Check the type of lottery

It is necessary to know the working of a lottery game before you put your money into it. Sometimes, the lottery would be nationwide and you could play with tons of people at once. It will lead to splitting of the Jackpot between several people and your winning amount would be less even if you get the right combination. Also, some games would offer you a small Jackpot if you win. Likewise, there would be some characteristics for each lottery game and you should check and know these characteristics before you put your money. Since you would be waiting for your luck to play, it is better to try your luck in a lottery game where you could win more. 

Win big with rare combinations

All the lottery players could get only the maximum payout that is listed on the website whatever they could do. However, the majority of the winners would end up splitting their payout even after getting their combinations right. It is due to the selection of a particular number by two or more people at once that end up the winning number. Let us assume that 146 wins the lotter of 100 million dollars and you along with ten other people have chosen that number. Now, you could get only less than 10 million dollars as your payout as ten others should also get the winnings. So, it would be helpful to go with a rare number to win more. It is because you would be the only one to choose that number as is it is a rare combination. Although the chances of winning might also be less for this combination, you could win the Jackpot as a whole if you go with this.