The cost of business gas largely depends on the consumption of gas. It also depends on the type of business you are indulged in. If your business consumes gas upto a certain limit, you have to pay the charges accordingly. Moreover, you are obliged to pay 20% VAT on your bill. Apart from this, there are many other factors on which the cost of your business gas plan depends.

Here we will study each and every factor which can affect your business gas plan. If you are looking forward to contracting with business gas suppliers, this information might be useful for you. so let’s consider these factors before entering into an agreement with the gas supplier-


The location where you set up your business unit largely affects the business gas plan. It is because some gas suppliers give connections to limited areas that are located nearby. If you establish a business unit in an area where there are no suppliers nearby, it may be difficult for you to access the gas supplies. The unit rate charged by suppliers also differs from place to place.


It is obvious the amount of gas you consume directly affects your cost plan. The more gas consumption your business requires, the higher the cost will be. But if your business unit needs little consumption of gas in its operation, the unit rate will be cheaper, and the overall cost plan also proves reasonable for you.


It is clear that the business enterprise has to pay the gas bills according to the unit rate charged by the supplier. But the supplier may change the price accordingly if the market price for gas fluctuates. These negotiations about the price are to be made at the time of signing the contract. If you agree on a dual free deal with the supplier, you will enjoy cheaper tariffs rates.

Business sector

The unit rate also fluctuates according to the business sector, which is taking the connection. If you want a connection for a restaurant, you will need much amount of gas to cook varieties of meals for different customers. So the unit rates are cheaper for such businesses that consume a vast amount of gas in their operations. If you are not indulged in such business, the business gas requirement may be less, and the unit charges will differ accordingly. 


The size of your business also matters to the cost of the business gas plan. It is because the gas consumption depends on how large your business is. But it is obvious the unit rates or bigger businesses are cheaper than smaller businesses.

Contract type

The contract type is categorized into two categories fixed contract and flexible contract. The unit rate remains fixed under fixed contracts while the unit price fluctuates at flexible contracts. But a dual-fuel deal would be cheaper to be agreed upon.

Final words

These are the factors that have a great impact on the cost of your business gas plan.