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If you do not know about the media landscape, there is a higher chance you do not know anything concerning IPTV, yet you might be using and will continue to use it for the longest time in the future. Due to the fast growth, many new IPTV providers and services are comingup along with traditional TV providers.

IPTV stands for internetprotocol television. That means the television programming is communicated using internet protocol. For you to understand better, it is essential to knowhow non-IPTV works. If you are using a cable or satellite TV, you watch thesignal sent by the broadcaster. Therefore, you tune in and watch what is there.

IPTV is different. Itsends movies and shows through a standard internet connection. IPTV usestime-shifted media or video on demand instead of broadcasting shows on aparticular schedule. There is a complicated network architecture that enablesIPTV to work. It involves several transcoding in shifting from traditionalsignals to IP-friendly. However, you do not have to view what is beingbroadcast. You select what to watch, inform your provider, and you receive itwithin no time. IPTVstreaming is similar tousing Hulu or Netflix, only that you stream syndicated shows instead of movies.

What is the function ofa set-top Box in IPTV?

If your Tv is notequipped with IPTV, you may need to buy a set-top box that interprets what youreceive over the internet to a format your TV can interpret. A computer doesnot need anything to stream IPTV. You only sign in to a service and stream anythingyou want in IPTV format. You can mirror the screen to a TV; then, watch any IPTV without a set-top box.

Hybrid IPTV

Several TV providershave adopted a hybrid approach to IPTV to prevent issues associated with afully IP-enabled broadcast. IPTV requires a strong internet connection totransmit extensive data at high speed.

Hd IPTV puts togetherIP-based TV services with traditional ones. Everything gets delivered via asingle box letting various TV providers expand what they offer to their subscribers.

Besides, it is easy to roll out new products and services without entirelyoverhauling the set-top box. That is an excellent way of transitioning from atraditional model to a modern one.

 How does IPTV work

 There are threemain IPTV formats;

Video on Demand

As the name suggests,you get a video any time you demand it. All movie-streaming sites arevideo-on-demand providers. You can watch many videos depending on youravailability since there is no limit. You only have to request what you want towatch and receive through the internet.

 Time-shifted Media

You can watch a show youmissed on your own time. Time-shifted media is different from VOD because youhave a limited shelf life. It is impossible to watch an episode you missed manyyears ago, although you can, and that would be VOD.


 You can watch liveIPTV shows similar to broadcast TV. Mostly, you watch sports in that way. IPTVis the same as a regular TV.