There are several health and medical policies available in today’s era that have very low premium costs but offer considerable benefits in medical emergencies or health issues. For example, some Medicare plans pay for the hospital charges, others cover regular deposits, while some are meant to pay for the medicines, etc. Hence it becomes vital to have a perfect Medicare policy that covers most of your expenses.

And for your information, Medicare parts A and B are not sufficient for every condition as they have a few gaps. So, should everyone then choose the Medicare advantage policies? Well, not actually, as in that case, you would not be able to enroll for a Medigap plan if required as it asks for the Original Medicare (Part A and B) policy purchased.

So, based on the Medicare supplement plans comparison chart, let’s find out the significant differences between these policies and try to find the most meaningful for an individual.

Original Medicare Plan Vs Medicare Advantage Vs Medigap Plans

Most of you would be familiar with Medicare part A and part B as they are the most common medical policies that Americans or people in most countries receive from the government. However, part B is mostly optional, but a package that contains both A and B is called the original Medicare. In this policy, the hospital charges are covered under part A, while part B covers other medical expenses like revisits to a doctor, home nursing, etc.

Medicare advantage policy is generally the Medicare part C which is designed to include the advantages of both plans A and B as well as Medicare plan D. This plan is meant for those who wish services in a single package and not under multiple names or policies. The advantages include a single insurance company and a single insurance card for all benefits. Also, it covers extra services than original Medicare plans like dental checkups, vision or prescription coverage, etc.

And then there are Medicare supplement plans or Medigap, which are only available for those who have original Medicare policy already and not for Medicare advantage subscribers. The benefits include covering costs you pay as deductible or copays of your original policy through insurance from pockets. Another significant benefit is that these plans don’t have any network rules, which means no boundations for prescription types or specific doctors. This policy is meant to cover

How To Decide The Best Medicare Plan For An Individual?

  • Firstly, not everyone is eligible for every Medigap plan or Medicare policy, so make sure if you are interested in any policy, you are eligible for it.
  • Then compare the policy prices and see if it is feasible to opt for separate policies or whether combined policies like Medicare advantage costs you less.
  • And finally, find a company with the most user-friendly features to offer and supports an extensive network.

One can take an expert’s help while going through the Medicare supplement plans comparison chart to better understand the terms and conditions. This would help taking a better decision from a professional’s perception.