There’s always a first time for everything, and every first-time experience is always filled with anxiety, especially when you aren’t adequately prepared. But your first spray tanning session doesn’t need to be full of anxiety. You can learn beforehand what to expect and those you should do before a full body spray tanning.

Even if you’ve been to a spray tanning session before, your first session may have left you looking blotchy. This could be because you missed out on some factors to consider before going in for a full-body spray tanning. Let’s find out what these factors are.


4 Factors to Consider Before Going for a Full Body Spray Tanning

So are you set for your first or next session of full body spray tanning? Here are the things you need to get in order before getting started with the session.

  • Shave Before Your Appointment

You should always ensure you shave or wax everywhere before your spray tanning session. Any little amount of stubble can lead to a buildup at the follicle. Shaving works as a form of exfoliation and helps to get rid of lots of dead skin cells.

When you shave, you essentially remove the hair that can block the spray tan from aligning correctly on your skin. If you wait to shave after spray tanning, you will be removing the color and causing it to fade out faster.

For effective results, ensure you shave 24 hours before your spray tanning appointment. This gives your skin enough time to relax to ensure a flawless and comfortable spray tan.

  • Consider Some Exfoliation

Ensure you exfoliate at least eight hours before your appointment to get your skin ready for an effective tan. This will help you get rid of any dead skin that might be lying around on the top layer of your skin to reveal a fresh new layer.

Failure to exfoliate could lead to a skin ton that is patchy and uneven. Also, you should try not to over-exfoliate as this would lead to scratches, irritation, and excessive dryness. The tanning will come out darker in such areas leading to an uneven tan.

  • Avoid Lotions and Oils

The temptation to apply lotion and oil to your body when going in for a spray tanning appointment might seem a good idea while it’s not. After taking your shower, you should let your skin dry and present it in its natural condition to your tanning specialist. Oils and lotion will block off the spray tanning solution denying you the perfect shade that lasts.

  • Use a pH-Balancing Spray

One way to optimize the effects of a spray tan is to go with pH-balanced skin. Doing this helps your skin attain an optimal pH of 4.5, an ideal pH for the turn to dissolve deeper into your skin, thus lasting longer.


Bottom Line

Getting these things done before you start your spray tanning session ensures glowing skin that will remain tanned for long. However, to complement all these efforts, you need a top-rated salon where you’ll get admirable tanning service. Endless Sun Tanning does a great job, and you can trust their services if you need glowing skin.